Dresden 2006 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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HL: Halbleiterphysik

HL 23: Interfaces/surfaces

Dienstag, 28. März 2006, 17:15–19:30, BEY 154

17:15 HL 23.1 X-ray grazing incidence investigations of focused ion beam interactions with a Si and GaAs surfaces — •Jörg Grenzer, Ullrich Pietsch, Lothar Bischoff, and Matthias Posselt
17:30 HL 23.2 Distribution of Co atoms on Si (100) investigated by high resolution Rutherford backscattering spectrometry. — •Saroj Prasad Dash, Dagmar Goll , and Heinz Dieter Carstanjen
17:45 HL 23.3 Ripple morphology versus Ar+ implantation dose in silicon — •Souren Grigorian, Joerg Grenzer, and Ullrich Pietsch
18:00 HL 23.4 Quantitative characterization of a crystalline-amorphous interface by Q-HRTEM — •Karsten Thiel, Nikolai Borgardt, Boris Plikat, Tore Niermann, and Michael Seibt
18:15 HL 23.5 The Role of Hydrogen in the Pre-epitaxial Cleaning of Silicon(100)-Surfaces — •Markus Schindler, Matthias Schmidt, Dorota Kułaga-Egger, Tanja Stimpel-Lindner, Jörg Schulze, Ignaz Eisele, and William Taylor
18:30 HL 23.6 Structural and electronic properties of Si/SiOxNy interfaces — •Alberto Martinez-Limia, Rebecca Janisch, Philipp Plänitz, and Christian Radehaus
18:45 HL 23.7 Removal of carbon and oxygen contaminants from silicon surfaces by atomic hydrogen — •Tanja Stimpel-Lindner, Markus Schindler, Günther Dollinger, Hermann Baumgärtner, and Ignaz Eisele
19:00 HL 23.8 Electronic structure at Si-Insulator interfaces — •Rebecca Janisch, Alberto Martinez-Limia, and Christian V. Radehaus
19:15 HL 23.9 Ab initio Calculation of Structural and Electronic Properties of Interfaces between Ionic Compounds: PbTe(rs)/CdTe(zb) — •Roman Leitsmann, L.E. Ramos, and F. Bechstedt
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