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MA: Fachverband Magnetismus

MA 17: Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys

Mittwoch, 28. März 2007, 15:15–19:15, H10

15:15 MA 17.1 First-principles study of the magnetoelastic behavior of magnetic shape memory alloys — •Peter Entel, Markus Gruner, Alfred Hucht, and Georg Rollmann
15:30 MA 17.2 Ab initio determination of symmetry reduced structures by a soft-phonon analysis in Ni2MnGa — •Tilmann Hickel, Blazej Grabowski, Matthé Uijttewaal, and Jörg Neugebauer
15:45 MA 17.3 Lattice dynamics in austenitic and martensitic phase of Ni2MnGa from inelastic neutron scattering — •Tarik Mehaddene, Jürgen Neuhaus, Winfried Petry, Klaudia Hradil, and Peter Link
16:00 MA 17.4 Investigation of structure and microstructure transformations of Ni-Mn-Ga single crystal exhibiting magnetic shape memory effect by neutron diffraction — •Heczko Oleg and Prokes Karel
16:15 MA 17.5 Characterization of Ni2MnGa Single Crystal for Sensor Applications — •Christoph Bechtold, Andreas Gerber, and Eckhard Quandt
16:30 MA 17.6 Structural and mechanical properties of NiMnGa shape memory ferromagnets — •Uwe Gaitzsch, Stefan Roth, Andrea Böhm, Bernd Rellinghaus, and Ludwig Schultz
16:45 MA 17.7 Untersuchungen zur Ermüdung von Ni2MnGa unter zyklischer Belastung — •Katrien Huysmans, Matz Haaks, Torsten Staab und Karl Maier
17:00 MA 17.8 Directional solidification of Ni48Mn30Ga22 magnetic shape memory alloys — •Martin Pötschke, Uwe Gaitzsch, Stefan Roth, Bernd Rellinghaus, and Ludwig Schultz
17:15 MA 17.9 Stress-Induced Twin Boundary Motion in NiMnGa-Polymer-Composites — •Nils Scheerbaum, Dietrich Hinz, Jian Liu, Oliver Gutfleisch, Werner Skrotzki, and Ludwig Schultz
17:30 MA 17.10 EPITAXIAL FILMS OF THE MAGNETIC SHAPE MEMORY MATERIAL Ni2MnGa — •Tobias Eichhorn, Gerhard Jakob, Michael Kallmayer, and Hans Joachim Elmers
17:45 MA 17.11 Epitaxial growth of martensitic Ni-Mn-Ga films prepared by sputter deposition — •Michael Thomas, Jörg Buschbeck, Oleg Heczko, Ludwig Schultz, and Sebastian Fähler
18:00 MA 17.12 In-situ magnetic domain observation during twin boundary movement in bulk Ni-Mn-Ga — •Ryan Yiu Wai Lai, Jeffrey McCord, Nils Scheerbaum, Oliver Gutfleisch, Rudolf Schäfer, and Ludwig Schultz
18:15 MA 17.13 Controlling the martensitic transformation temperature at constant valence electron concentration in Heusler based Ni-Mn-In alloys — •Seda Aksoy, Mehmet Acet, Thorsten Krenke, Eberhard Wassermann, Xavier Moya, Lluis Manosa, and Antoni Planes
18:30 MA 17.14 Martensitic transformation and magnetic properties of Ni-Fe-Ga-Co magnetic shape memory alloys — •Jian Liu, Nils Scheerbaum, Dietrich Hinz, and Oliver Gutfleisch
18:45 MA 17.15 Structural, magnetic and phase transformation properties of Fe-Pd thin film composition spreadsHayo Brunken, Sven Hamann, Sigurd Thienhaus, Alan Savan, Michael Ehmann, and •Alfred Ludwig
19:00 MA 17.16 Epitaxial Growth, Structure and Magnetic Properties of Fe-Pd films — •Jörg Buschbeck, Inge Lindemann, Ludwig Schultz, and Sebastian Fähler
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