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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 66: Metallic Nanostructures I (on Metals)

Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2008, 12:45–15:15, MA 041

12:45 O 66.1 Photochemical tuning of plasmon resonances in gold nanostructures — •Thomas Härtling, Yury Alaverdyan, Marc Tobias Wenzel, René Kullock, Mikael Käll, and Lukas M. Eng
13:00 O 66.2 Tunable Quantum Wires: New Horizons in Plasmonics — •Dominic Zerulla, Michael Berndt, Stephanie Rehwald, Stephan Schwieger, and Erich Runge
13:15 O 66.3 Tailoring Surface Plasmon Polariton Propagation via Specific Symmetry Properties of Nanostructures — •Brian Ashall, Michael Berndt, and Dominic Zerulla
13:30 O 66.4 Influence of arrays of nanodiscs on surface plasmon propagation — •Stefan Griesing, Andreas Englisch, and Uwe Hartmann
13:45 O 66.5 Optical Properties of Metal Nanorod Arrays — •René Kullock, Paul R. Evans, Robert J. Pollard, and Lukas M. Eng
14:00 O 66.6 fabrication of ordered cluster arrays on pre-structured surfaces — •Jian Zhang, Violetta Sessi, Jan Honolka, Axel Enders, and Klaus Kern
14:15 O 66.7 Role of surface roughness in superhydrophobicity — •Chunyan Yang, Ugo Tartaglino, and Bo Persson
14:30 O 66.8 Strain induced micro-island formation on Ni/Ru(0001) monolayersKai Anhut and •Peter Jakob
14:45 O 66.9 Adsorbate-Induced Faceting of Ir and Re Surfaces — •Payam Kaghazchi, Timo Jacob, and Matthias Scheffler
15:00 O 66.10 Fabrication and metallic filling of sub30nm-nanoholes by PLDMarc Saitner, •Christian Pfahler, Achim Manzke, Alfred Plettl, and Paul Ziemann
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