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MA: Fachverband Magnetismus

MA 13: Poster Ia: Electron Theory (1); Magnetic Imaging (2,3); Thin Films (4-25); MSMA (26-33); Magn. Semiconductors (34-42); Magn. Half Metals and Oxides (43-60)

Dienstag, 24. März 2009, 10:15–13:00, P1A

10:15 MA 13.1 Exact thermodynamics of the extended Hubbard model for a cubic cluster — •David Zwicker and Rolf Schumann
10:15 MA 13.2 Setup of a sub-Kelvin scanning tunneling microscope — •Lei Zhang and Wulf Wulfhekel
10:15 MA 13.3 A New UHV Operating Scanning X-Ray Microscope at BESSY, Berlin — •Markus Weigand, Kai Fauth, Eberhard Goering, Christian Wolter, Brigitte Baretzky, Marcel Mayer, Corinne Grévent, Rolf Follath, and Christian Jung
10:15 MA 13.4 Non-Linear Magnetic Vortex Gyration — •André Drews, Benjamin Krüger, Stellan Bohlens, Markus Bolte, and Guido Meier
10:15 MA 13.5 Model samples for magneto-impedance measurements — •Saleh Getlawi, Markus König, Haibin Gao, Michael R. Koblischka, and Uwe Hartmann
10:15 MA 13.6 Parallel XMCD and XRMS measurements with ALICE — •Stefan Buschhorn, Frank A. Brüssing, Denise Erb, Melanie Ewerlin, Radu Abrudan, and Hartmut Zabel
10:15 MA 13.7 The reflectometer Super ADAM at ILL — •Max Wolff, Kyrill Zhernenkov, Andrew Wildes, Philipp Gutfreund, Jörg Meermann, Hakan Rundlof, Boris Toperverg, Adrian Rennie, Björgvin Hjörvarsson, and Hartmut Zabel
10:15 MA 13.8 In situ low temperature ac-susceptibility measurements on ion bombarded AlFe thin films — •Moritz Trautvetter, Ulf Wiedwald, and Paul Ziemann
10:15 MA 13.9 Growth of epitaxial CaRuO3 films — •Markus Wissinger, Dirk Fuchs, Rainer Fromknecht, Rudolf Schneider, and Hilbert v.Löhneysen
10:15 MA 13.10 crystallographic structure and magnetic properties of electrodeposited Co- rich Co-Pt films — •manvendra khatri, heike schlörb, ludwig schultz, and sebastian fähler
10:15 MA 13.11 Epitaxial RECo5 single layer and bilayer films — •Marietta Seifert, Felix Fleischhauer, Ajit Patra, Volker Neu, and Ludwig Schultz
10:15 MA 13.12 Epitaxial Fe3Si films: Structure, electrical and magnetic properties — •Joachim Schumann, Hartmut Vinzelberg, Christoph Deneke, Dieter Elefant, Jürgen Thomas, Ernest Arushanov, and Oliver G. Schmidt
10:15 MA 13.13 Sputtering deposition of epitaxial Co2Mn1−xFexSi and Co2MnAl films — •Enrique Vilanova Vidal, Horst Schneider, and Gerhard Jakob
10:15 MA 13.14 Fe monolayers on InAs(001): An in situ study of surface, interface and volume magnetic anisotropy — •Florian M. Römer, Christoph Hassel, Khalil Zakeri, Cihan Tomaz, Igor Barsukov, Ralf Meckenstock, Jürgen Lindner, and Michael Farle
10:15 MA 13.15 Magnetooptical properties(MOKE) of spin valves based on Co, Cu or AuIryna Cheshko, •Dmytro Kutnyakhov, Larisa Odnodvorets, Sergej Protsenko, Sergej Nepijko, and Gerd Schoenhense
10:15 MA 13.16 Magnetic and structural properties of epitaxial thin films of the Heusler compounds Cu2MnAl and Co2MnGe — •Denise Erb, Jörg Dudek, Frank Brüssing, Gregor Nowak, Kurt Westerholt, and Hartmut Zabel
10:15 MA 13.17 Fe- Pd thin films: A prototype system for exchange coupling? — •Thomas Schied, Jörg Buschbeck, Ludwig Schultz, and Sebastian Fähler
10:15 MA 13.18 Electronic and magnetic properties of ferromagnetic Mn5Ge3(0001) epilayer on Ge(111) — •Yuriy Dedkov, Matthias Holder, Gillian Mayer, Mikhail Fonin, and Alexej Preobrajenski
10:15 MA 13.19 Metamagnetic domains in [Co/Pt]/Ru multilayers — •N. S. Kiselev, C. Bran, U. Wolff, L. Schultz, A.N. Bogdanov, O. Hellwig, V. Neu, and U. K. Rößler
10:15 MA 13.20 Micromagnetic analysis of magnetic nanosystems with competing anisotropies — •Andrei A. Leonov, Ulrich K. Rößler, and Alexei N. Bogdanov
10:15 MA 13.21 Coercivity analysis in highly anisotropic PrCo7 films — •Volker Neu, Ajit Kumar Patra, Stephen Collocott, Sebastian Fähler, and Ludwig Schultz
10:15 MA 13.22 Electronic structure of a stabilized bulk-like α-Mn thick film on W(110) — •Elena Voloshina, Yuriy Dedkov, and Manuel Richter
10:15 MA 13.23 Magneto-elastic coupling in LaCoO3 thin films — •Erhan Arac, Dirk Fuchs, Fadi El-Hallak, Rudolf Schneider, and Hilbert von Löhneysen
10:15 MA 13.24 Geometry and magnetic structure of uranium along the tetragonal epitaxial Bain path — •Stephan Schönecker, Manuel Richter, Klaus Koepernik, and Helmut Eschrig
10:15 MA 13.25 The strained epitaxial Nd-Fe-B films by mechanical elongation — •Ah-Ram Kwon, Volker Neu, Vlakimir Matias, Jens Hänisch, Ruben Hühne, Bernhard Holzapfel, Ludwig Schultz, and Sebastian Fähler
10:15 MA 13.26 Thin film growth and shape memory in the Heusler compound Mn2NiGa — •Catherine Jenkins, Tobias Eichhorn, Ramamoorthy Ramesh, and Gerhard Jakob
10:15 MA 13.27 Sputter deposited epitaxial Ni-Mn-Ga films on various substrates — •Anja Backen, Stefan Kaufmann, Jörg Buschbeck, Ludwig Schultz, and Sebastian Fähler
10:15 MA 13.28 Composition and microstructure of sputtered Ni-Mn-Ga magnetic shape memory thin films — •J. Petersen, Y. Luo, S. G. Mayr, and K. Samwer
10:15 MA 13.29 In-situ studies of the martensitic transformation in epitaxial Ni-Mn-Ga films — •Robert Niemann, Jörg Buschbeck, Oleg Heczko, Michael Thomas, Ludwig Schultz, and Sebastian Fähler
10:15 MA 13.30 Structure and magnetism of Fe-Pd bulk alloys and nanoparticles from first principles — •Markus Ernst Gruner
10:15 MA 13.31 Domain models for ferromagnetic shape-memory alloys:
magnetic phase diagrams, transformation and magnetization processes
— •Aristide T. Onisan, Alexei N. Bogdanov, and Ulrich K. Rößler
10:15 MA 13.32 Fe-Pd magnetic shape memory foils and films: a comparison of structural, magnetic and electronic properties — •Iris Kock, Tobias Edler, Lisa Kühnemund, and Stefan Georg Mayr
10:15 MA 13.33 Influence of Surface Condition and Training on the Twinning Stress of Ni-Mn-Ga Magnetic Shape-Memory Alloys — •Markus Chmielus, Katharian Rolfs, Cassie Witherspoon, Walter Reimers, Peter Müllner, and Rainer Schneider
10:15 MA 13.34 Temperature dependent domain wall dynamics in compressively strained GaMnAs — •Jan Honolka, Liza Herrera Diez, Reinhard Kremer, Ernesto Placidi, Fabrizio Arciprete, and Klaus Kern
10:15 MA 13.35 Effects of thermal treatment on the electronic structure of Ga1−xMnxAs — •Benjamin Schmid, Dominic Fertig, Sebastian Engelbrecht, Michael Sing, Lars Ebel, Charles Gould, Karl Brunner, Laurens W. Molenkamp, and Ralph Claessen
10:15 MA 13.36 Relativistic electronic structure of Mn-doped GaAs — •Ilja Turek, Vaclav Drchal, and Josef Kudrnovsky
10:15 MA 13.37 Spin-flip Probabilities in Concentrated and Diluted Ferromagnetic Semiconductors — •Gerald Rosenthal and Wolfgang Nolting
10:15 MA 13.38 Investigation of the valence states of Fe1−xCuxCr2S4 by photoelectron spectroscopy — •Christian Taubitz, Michael Raekers, Vladimir Tsurkan, and Manfred Neumann
10:15 MA 13.39 Electronic structure of MnZnFe2O4 spinel ferrite — •S. Soliman, A. Elfalaky, and Claudia Felser
10:15 MA 13.40 Electronic structure of MnFe2O4 spinel ferrite — •S. Soliman, A. Elfalaky, and Claudia Felser
10:15 MA 13.41 Magneto-optical spectroscopy of europium telluride and europium hydride — •Bodo Lobbenmeier, Helge Schröter, Peter Clodius, and Joachim Schoenes
10:15 MA 13.42 Curie point singularity in (Ga,Mn)As — •Vit Novak, Kamil Olejnik, Miroslav Cukr, Petr Vasek, Zbynek Soban, and Tomas Jungwirth
10:15 MA 13.43 Suppression of resistivity due to thermal treatment of SnO2 thin films — •Ali Awada, Dirk Menzel, Joachim Schoenes, Frank Ludwig, and Meinhard Schilling
10:15 MA 13.44 Ferromagnetic order above room temperature in cubic Y-stabilized ZrO2 by Fe-implantation — •Monika Kotzian, Dirk Menzel, and Joachim Schoenes
10:15 MA 13.45 MBE growth of Fe3O4 films on ZnO — •Markus Paul, Nicholas Ingle, Andreas Müller, Andreas Ruff, Michael Sing, and Ralph Claessen
10:15 MA 13.46 Searching for Intrinsic Magnetic Order in Pure ZnO Thin Films — •M. Khalid, M. Ziese, A. Setzer, P. Esquinazi, H. Hochmuth, M. Lorenz, M. Grundmann, D. Spemann, and T. Butz
10:15 MA 13.47 Electronic and magnetic properties of doped ZnO — •Igor Maznichenko, Arthur Ernst, Sergey Ostanin, Markus Däne, Ingrid Mertig, Patrick Bruno, Wolfram Hergert, Jürgen Henk, Martin Lüders, Zdzislawa Szotek, and Walter Temmerman
10:15 MA 13.48 Universal scaling relation between Hall and longitudinal conductivity in Zn-substituted magnetiteDeepak Venkateshvaran, Andrea Nielsen, Matthias Althammer, Sebastian Goennenwein, •Matthias Opel, and Rudolf Gross
10:15 MA 13.49 Optical and magnetooptical studies on manganite films — •Markus Jungbauer, Kai Gehrke, Vasily Moshnyaga, and Konrad Samwer
10:15 MA 13.50 Magnetic anisotropy of (100)- and (110)-oriented CrO2 thin films — •Franz Czeschka, Daniel Rueffer, Sebastian T.B. Goennenwein, Rudolf Gross, Arunava Gupta, Christoph Bihler, and Martin S. Brandt
10:15 MA 13.51 Interface and bulk magnetic properties of Laser-ablated Co2(Mn,Fe)Si films measured by X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD) — •Michael Kallmayer, Peter Klaer, Horst Schneider, Gerhard Jakob, and Hans Joachim Elmers
10:15 MA 13.52 X-ray absorption spectroscopy of half-metallic Co2TiZ (Z = Si, Ge and Sn) — •Peter Klaer, Michael Kallmayer, Thorsten Methfessel, Hans Joachim Elmers, Benjamin Balke, Joachim Barth, Tanja Graf, Gerhard Fecher, and Claudia Felser
10:15 MA 13.53 Thin films of the Heusler compounds Co2FeAl and Co2FeAl0.6Si0.4 — •Elena Arbelo Jorge, Christian Herbort, and Martin Jourdan
10:15 MA 13.54 Quadratic Magneto-optical Kerr Effect Magnetometry: Application to Co2-based Heusler Compounds — •Peter Clausen, Jaroslav Hamrle, Simon Trudel, Oksana Gaier, and Burkard Hillebrands
10:15 MA 13.55 Ab-initio calculations of MnO in different crystal structures and magnetic orderings — •Andreas Schrön, Claudia Rödl, Jürgen Furthmüller, and Friedhelm Bechstedt
10:15 MA 13.56 Ab initio studies of structural, electronic and magnetic properties of pure and doped CoODmitry I. Bazhanov, •Pavel A. Ignatiev, Nikolay N. Negulyaev, and Valeri S. Stepanyuk
10:15 MA 13.57 Elastic properties of single crystal manganites — •Markus Michelmann, Dennis Bedorf, Emanuel Malek, Thomas Koeppe, Lakshmana Sudheendra, Vasily Moshnyaga, and Konrad Samwer
10:15 MA 13.58 Atomic-scale images of the paramagnetic insulating state in a Pr0.68Pb0.32MnO3 single crystal — •Sahana Roessler, Steffen Wirth, Frank Steglich, B Padmanabhan, Suja Elizabeth, and H. L. Bhat
10:15 MA 13.59 Ferromagnetic Signals in Nominally Non-magnetic Oxide Single Crystals — •M. Ziese, A. Setzer, P. Esquinazi, D. Spemann, and A. Poeppl
10:15 MA 13.60 Structural and DFT studies on YFeMnO5 — •Torsten Weißbach, Axel Lubk, Tilmann Leisegang, Thomas Führlich, Falk Wunderlich, Dmitri Souptel, Günter Behr, Igor Chaplygin, Gotthard Seifert, Dirk C. Meyer, and Sibylle Gemming
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