Dresden 2009 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 19: Nanostructures at surfaces: Arrays

Dienstag, 24. März 2009, 10:30–12:45, SCH A215

10:30 O 19.1 Fabrication of periodic templates on Si: from nanometer to micrometer scale — •Christian Pfahler, Fabian Enderle, Achim Manzke, Stefan Wiedemann, Alfred Plettl, Paul Ziemann, Eyk Schreiber, Ulrich Ziener, and Katharina Landfester
10:45 O 19.2 UTAM-synthesized large-scale regular arrays of surface patterns of 0-d and 1-d nanostructures — •yong lei, stefan ostendorp, and gerhard wilde
11:00 O 19.3 Ion beam pattern formation on Si(001) with and without codeposition — •Sven Macko and Thomas Michely
11:15 O 19.4 Substrate effect on supramolecular self-assembly: from semiconductors to metals — •Takayuki Suzuki, Theresa Lutz, Dietmar Payer, Nian Lin, Steven Tait, Giovanni Costantini, and Klaus Lern
11:30 O 19.5 Sub-wavelength patterning of organic monolayers via nonlinear processing with single femtosecond laser pulses — •Nils Hartmann, Steffen Franzka, Jürgen Koch, Andreas Ostendorf, and Boris N. Chichkov
11:45 O 19.6 Electrocatalysis on Nanostructured Surfaces: Electrochemical Behviour of Ir(210) — •Khaled Soliman, Felice Simeone, Ludwig Kibler, and Timo Jacob
12:00 O 19.7 Photoluminescence quenching of PS and its use as template to confine R6G — •Pushpendra Kumar, Manash Ghosh, Peter Lemmens, Frank Ludwig, and Meinhard Schilling
12:15 O 19.8 Towards covalently bonded supramolecular networks - substrate induced polymerisation in 2D — •Hermann Walch, Rico Gutzler, Georg Eder, Wolfgang M. Heckl, and Markus Lackinger
12:30 O 19.9 Temperature-induced phase transition in self-assembled supramolecular monolayers — •Rico Gutzler, Thomas Sirtl, Michael Schmittel, Wolfgang M. Heckl, and Markus Lackinger
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