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SYOP: Symposium Organic Photovoltaics: From Single Molecules to Devices

SYOP 4: Organic Photovoltaics: from Single Molecules to Devices

Donnerstag, 26. März 2009, 16:30–19:00, P1A

16:30 SYOP 4.1 "Equipment for flexible solar cells and parameters for coating and printing processes" — •Thomas Kolbusch
16:30 SYOP 4.2 Temperature dependence of organic solar cell parameters — •Matthias Richter, Klaus Müller, Shine Philip, Ioanna Paloumpa, Karsten Henkel, and Dieter Schmeißer
16:30 SYOP 4.3 Investigation of light induced charge carrier generation in polymer/nanoparticle blends — •Florian Witt, Marc Daniel Heinemann, Folker Zutz, Xiaoping Jin, Karsten von Maydell, Joanna Kolny-Olesiak, Holger Borchert, and Jürgen Parisi
16:30 SYOP 4.4 Structure control of conjugated block copolymers via adding a homopolymer — •Matthias A. Ruderer, Robert Cubitt, and Peter Müller-Buschbaum
16:30 SYOP 4.5 Silicon organic dye composites for photovoltaic applications — •Andreas Decker, Ulrich Weiler, Maxime Monnoyer, Thomas Mayer, and Wolfram Jaegermann
16:30 SYOP 4.6 Influence of image force effects on the recombination in organic bulk heterojunction solar cells — •Jȩdrzej Szmytkowski
16:30 SYOP 4.7 Preparation and Characterisation of Mixed Films of a Subphthalocyanine and a Perfluorinated Phthalocyanine — •Dominik Klaus, Christopher Keil, Robin Knecht, and Derck Schlettwein
16:30 SYOP 4.8 Mixed films of phthalocyanines and perylene imids as bulk heterojunction materials — •André Dragässer, Robin Knecht, Christopher Keil, Günter Schnurpfeil, and Derck Schlettwein
16:30 SYOP 4.9 Dye-sensitized solar cells based on nanostructured zinc oxide — •Jonas Conradt, Jȩdrzej Szmytkowski, Florian Maier-Flaig, Janos Sartor, Johannes Fallert, Manuel Reinhard, Alexander Colsmann, Uli Lemmer, Teodor Silviu Balaban, and Heinz Kalt
16:30 SYOP 4.10 Photoinduced absorption studies on dicyanovinyl-oligothiophene thin films for application in small molecule organic solar cells — •Hannah Ziehlke, Rico Schüppel, Moritz Riede, Egon Reinold, Peter Bäuerle, and Karl Leo
16:30 SYOP 4.11 Theoretical study of morphology and charge transport in amorphous Alq3 — •Alexander Lukyanov, Christian Lennartz, and Denis Andrienko
16:30 SYOP 4.12 Charge transport in carbazole-based crystals — •Thorsten Vehoff, James Kirkpatrick, Alessandro Troisi, and Denis Andrienko
16:30 SYOP 4.13 Investigation of the Nanomorphology and Device Performance of Organic Solar Cells based on Polymer:Fullerene Bulk Heterojunctions — •Thomas Madena, Uli Wischnath, Achim Kittel, Jürgen Parisi, and Ingo Riedel
16:30 SYOP 4.14 Surface effects on organic solar cell characteristics — •Alexander Wagenpfahl, Carsten Deibel, and Vladimir Dyakonov
16:30 SYOP 4.15 Integrated approaches in templated functional oxide materialsMaria Lechmann, Mine Memesa, Philipp Lellig, Jan Perlich, Peter Müller-Buschbaum, and •Jochen Stefan Gutmann
16:30 SYOP 4.16 X-ray Diffraction Studies of Different Polythiophene based Polymers Thin Films — •Shabi Thankaraj Salammal, Souren Grigorian, Ullrich Pietsch, Niel Koennen, and Ullrich Scherf
16:30 SYOP 4.17 Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Heterojunctions made of Doped Crystalline Silicon and a Hole Conducting Polymer — •Helmut Nesswetter, Sabrina Niesar, Roland Dietmüller, and Martin Stutzmann
16:30 SYOP 4.18 Investigation of the effects of doping concentration in a p-doped organic semiconductor — •Selina Olthof, Björn Lüssem, and Karl Leo
16:30 SYOP 4.19 Efficiency increase of two-step-sensitized inorganic / organic hybrid absorber materials — •Eric Mankel, Thomas Mayer, and Wolfram Jaegermann
16:30 SYOP 4.20 Electronic properties of doped CuPc layers — •Johanna Härter, Eric Mankel, Corinna Hein, Thomas Mayer, and Wolfram Jaegermann
16:30 SYOP 4.21 Temperature induced structural changes of P3HT thin films — •Souren Grigorian, Siddharth Joshi, Patrick Pingel, Tobias Panzner, Ullrich Pietsch, Achmad Zen, Dieter Neher, Michael Forster, and Ullrich Scherf
16:30 SYOP 4.22 Charge transport in conjugated polymers: a multiscale picture — •Victor Rühle, James Kirkpatrick, Kurt Kremer, and Denis Andrienko
16:30 SYOP 4.23 Organic Photovoltaic Cells Employing Diindeno-Perylene Thin Films — •Martin Meseth, Tobias Roller, and Jens Pflaum
16:30 SYOP 4.24 Charge transfer of organic complexes — •S. Shahabedin Naghavi, Gerhard H. Fecher, and Claudia Felser
16:30 SYOP 4.25 Energy levels and work function of ultra-thin polythiophene films on conductive polymer electrodes — •Johannes Frisch, Norbert Koch, Jürgen P. Rabe, and Antje Vollmer
16:30 SYOP 4.26 Transport and noise in organic field effect devices — •Klaus Morawetz, Sibylle Gemming, Regina Luschtinetz, Tim Kunze, Pavel Lipavsky, Lukas Eng, and Gotthard Seifert
16:30 SYOP 4.27 Modelling the transport through organic layers on a ferroelectric substrate — •Tim Kunze, Sibylle Gemming, Regina Luschtinetz, Volker Pankoke, Klaus Morawetz, Michael Schreiber, Lukas Eng, and Gotthard Seifert
16:30 SYOP 4.28 Organic p-n heterostructures and superlattices — •Stefan Kowarik, Alexander Hinderhofer, Alexander Gerlach, Oriol Osso, Cheng Wang, Alexander Hexemer, and Frank Schreiber
16:30 SYOP 4.29 Nanotomography of organic heterojunction solar cells — •Mario Zerson, Andreas Sperlich, Carsten Deibel, Vladimir Dyakonov, and Robert Magerle
16:30 SYOP 4.30 Interfacial structure modifying interlayers: Time dependent changes in the structure of inorganic/organic interfaces — •Felix Maye, Ayse Turak, Jonathan Heidkamp, and Helmut Dosch
16:30 SYOP 4.31 Electronic properties of potassium doped CoPc and FePc — •Olga Molodtsova, Martin Knupfer, Alexander Chaika, Denis Vyalikh, Alexei Preobrajenski, and Victor Aristov
16:30 SYOP 4.32 The properties of metastable PcVO modifications in evaporated thin-films — •Indro Biswas, Heiko Peisert, and Thomas Chassé
16:30 SYOP 4.33 Bipolar Charge Transport in Poly(3-hexylthiophene)/ Methanofullerene Blends: A Ratio Dependent Study — •Andreas Baumann, Jens Lorrmann, Carsten Deibel, and Vladimir Dyakonov
16:30 SYOP 4.34 Transient photovoltage and photocurrent of polymer:fullerene solar cells — •Alexander Förtig, Daniel Rauh, Carsten Deibel, and Vladimir Dyakonov
16:30 SYOP 4.35 Investigation of charge carrier transport and recombination in polymer:fullerene solar cells using transient current injection and extraction techniques — •Cristina Urs, Andreas Baumann, Carsten Deibel, and Vladimir Dyakonov
16:30 SYOP 4.36 Photocurrent in organic solar cells obtained by pulsed IV-measurements — •Moritz Limpinsel, Daniel Rauh, Markus Mingebach, Carsten Deibel, and Vladimir Dyakonov
16:30 SYOP 4.37 Investigation of novel organic n-type semiconductors in photovoltaic bulk heterojunction — •Moritz Liedtke, Andreas Sperlich, Carsten Deibel, Vladimir Dyakonov, Patrick Witte, and Alexander Hirsch
16:30 SYOP 4.38 Investigation of s–shaped current–voltage characteristics of organic bulk heterojunction solar cells — •Daniel Rauh, Stefan Geißendörfer, Carsten Deibel, and Vladimir Dyakonov
16:30 SYOP 4.39 The effect of side chain substitution on the charge transfer properties of a low band-gap donor acceptor copolymer — •Philipp Oberhumer, Guoli Tu, Sylvain Massip, Sebastian Albert-Seifried, Justin Hodgkiss, Wilhelm Huck, and Richard Friend
16:30 SYOP 4.40 Infrared Ellipsometry for determination of molecular orientation in DCV6T films — •K. Hinrichs, M. Levichkova, M. Riede, M. Pfeiffer, E. Brier, E. Reinold, P. Baeuerle, and K. Leo
16:30 SYOP 4.41 Donor-Acceptor Block Copolymers for their Application in Organic Photovoltaics. — •Sven Hüttner, Michael Sommer, Ullrich Steiner, and Mukundan Thelakkat
16:30 SYOP 4.42 Negative Capacitance for various electrode materials in organic solar cells — •Roland Rösch, Almantas Pivrikas, Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci, and Harald Hoppe
16:30 SYOP 4.43 Morphology Optimization of Diblock Copolymer Based Polymer Solar Cells — •Chetan Raj Singh, Martin Kunz, and Harald Hoppe
16:30 SYOP 4.44 Exciton dynamics in a hybrid TiO2-polymer bilayer structure — •Beate Reinhold, Sylvia Paul, and Dieter Neher
16:30 SYOP 4.45 Probing ultrafast charge transfer dynamics in a P3HT:PCBM blend via photoluminescence quenching — •Theo Hoyer, Stefan Trotzky, Wilfried Tuszynski, Christoph Lienau, and Jürgen Parisi
16:30 SYOP 4.46 Model studies on the injection of charge carriers into organic semiconductors: The case of pentacene single crystals grown on self-assembled monolayers (SAMs)Zhihong Wang, Asif Bashir, Daniel Käfer, Alexander Birkner, Gregor Witte, and •Christof Wöll
16:30 SYOP 4.47 Limitating factors in Phenyl-substituted rylenes as electron acceptors associated with P3HT donor in bulk heterojunction solar cells. — •Julien Gorenflot, Maria Hammer, Andreas Sperlich, Andreas Baumann, Aleksey Vasilev, Martin Baumgarten, Chen Li, Carsten Deibel, and Vladimir Dyakonov
16:30 SYOP 4.48 Photophysical properties of novel small acceptor molecules and their application in hybrid small-molecular/polymeric organic solar cellsSahika Inal, •Mauro Castellani, Alan Sellinger, and Dieter Neher
16:30 SYOP 4.49 Electronic characterization of photoactive conjugated polymers — •Stefan M. Prams, Matthias A. Ruderer, and Peter Müller-Buschbaum
16:30 SYOP 4.50 Unsymmetrically substituted n-type perylene bisimides with liquid crystalline propertiesAndré Wicklein and •Mukundan Thelakkat
16:30 SYOP 4.51 Novel Concepts in Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells — •Katja Willinger, Johannes Brendel, Yan Lu, and Mukundan Thelakkat
16:30 SYOP 4.52 Theoretical investigation of the competition between electron-hole generation and recombination effects in organic and hybrid organic-inorganic solar cells — •Benjamin A. Stickler, Manfred Gruber, Ferdinand Schürrer, Gregor Trimmel, and Karin Zojer
16:30 SYOP 4.53 Investigation of heterojunction morphology in organic solar cells by 2D drift-diffusion simulations — •Manfred Gruber, Bejamin A. Stickler, Ferdinand Schürrer, Gregor Trimmel und Karin Zojer
16:30 SYOP 4.54 Reliable Electron-Only Devices and Electron Transport in n-type Polymers — •Robert Steyrleuthner, Sebastian Bange, and Dieter Neher
16:30 SYOP 4.55 Study of the Performance of Hybrid Solar Cells Incorporating Dense TiO2 Layers — •Sylvia Paul and Dieter Neher
16:30 SYOP 4.56 CT-State Dissociation and Charge Recombination in OPVs — •Roger Häusermann, Nils Reinke, Evelyne Huber, Thomas Flatz, Michael Moos, and Beat Ruhstaller
16:30 SYOP 4.57 The effect of polymer-fullerene interaction on film morphology and performance of polyfluorene-based solar cells — •Ana Sofia Anselmo, Ellen Moons, Krister Svensson, Mats Andersson, Andrzej Budkowski, and Andrzej Bernasik
16:30 SYOP 4.58 2d-gisaxs investigation of the crystal structure in thin polymer films — •Yun Gu, Ullrich Pietsch, Ingolf Hennig, and Walter Cox
16:30 SYOP 4.59 Spatially resolved luminescence measurements on polymer photovoltaic cells — •Marco Seeland, Florian Kühnlenz, Harald Hoppe, Gerhard Gobsch, Martin Kasemann, and Wilhelm Warta
16:30 SYOP 4.60 Electrical modeling of organic solar cells — •Wolfgang Tress, Moritz Riede, and Karl Leo
16:30 SYOP 4.61 Investigating aza-bodipy for organic electronics: A chemist's view. — •Roland Gresser, Toni Müller, Horst Hartmann, and Karl Leo
16:30 SYOP 4.62 Relationships between the charge carrier mobility and the morphology in the hybrid system composed of poly(3-hexylthiophene) and CdSe nanoparticles — •Nikolay Radychev, Folker Zutz, Irina Lokteva, Joanna Kolny-Olesiak, Holger Borchert, and Jürgen Parisi
16:30 SYOP 4.63 Degradation studies on organic pin solar cells containing ZnPc and C60 — •Martin Hermenau, Moritz Riede, and Karl Leo
16:30 SYOP 4.64 Effect of π-π stacking distance in low-band-gap PPE-PPV polymers on the morphology and performance of polymer-fullerene solar cells — •Rupali Jadhav, Stefan Türk, Florian Kühnlenz, Daniel Egbe, and Harald Hoppe
16:30 SYOP 4.65 Investigations of film thickness dependence in polythiophene organic field effect measurements on device performance and charge carrier mobility using a gated four probe technique — •Ali Tunc, Fabian Johnen, Elizabeth von Hauff, and Jürgen Parisi
16:30 SYOP 4.66 Microwave photoconductivity of cadmium telluride doped by gallium studied at different temperaturesAlexander Marinin, •Nikolay Radychev, Gennadii Novikov, and Mikhail Gapanovich
16:30 SYOP 4.67 Improved morphology of C60:ZnPc blend solar cells by using heated substrates — •Steffen Pfuetzner, Moritz Riede, and Karl Leo
16:30 SYOP 4.68 Small Bandgap aza-Bodipy in Organic Solar Cells — •Toni Mueller, Roland Gresser, Moritz Riede, Horst Hartmann, and Karl Leo
16:30 SYOP 4.69 Influence of substrate metals on the properties of electrodeposited dye- sensitized electrodes — •Kerstin Strauch, Thomas Loewenstein, and Derck Schlettwein
16:30 SYOP 4.70 Room temperature sintering of organosoluble ZnO nanoparticles for applications in electronic devices — •Thomas V. Richter, Felix Stelzl, Uli Würfel, Michael Niggemann, and Sabine Ludwigs
16:30 SYOP 4.71 Effects of modifying active-layer/cathode interface on P3HT/PCBM based bulk-heterojunction solar cells — •Sidhant Bom and Veit Wagner
16:30 SYOP 4.72 Organic ambipolar field effect transistor as model system for light absorption in organic solar cells — •Steve Pittner and Veit Wagner
16:30 SYOP 4.73 Flexible polymer solar cells: comparison between spin coating and doctor blading — •Burhan Muhsin, Maik Hühner, Karl-Heinz Drüe, Gerhard Gobsch, and Harald Hoppe
16:30 SYOP 4.74 Fully Coupled Opto-electronic Modelling of Organic Solar Cells — •Nils A. Reinke, Roger Häusermann, Evelyne Huber, Michael Moos, Thomas Flatz, and Beat Ruhstaller
16:30 SYOP 4.75 Bulk-Heterojuction Solar Cells Based on Nanocrystal-Polymer Hybrid Materials — •Yunfei Zhou, Gerald Urban, and Michael Krueger
16:30 SYOP 4.76 Bulk-Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells Based on Merocyanine Colorants — •Nils M. Kronenberg, Hannah Bürckstümmer, Elena V. Tulyakova, Manuela Deppisch, Frank Würthner, Hans W. A. Lademann, and Klaus Meerholz
16:30 SYOP 4.77 Morphology Control of Bulk-Heterojunction Solar Cells — •Hans W. A. Lademann, Yanyan Yuan, Adam J. Moulé, and Klaus Meerholz
16:30 SYOP 4.78 Novel ultra-high 3D resolution surface structuring and thin film stress investigation — •Ferdinand Messow, Daniel Todorov, Thomas Kusserow, Stefan Wittzack, Florestan Köhler, Martin Bartels, and Hartmut Hillmer
16:30 SYOP 4.79 STM study of organic p- and n-type Semiconductors on metal surfaces. — •Elena Mena-Osteritz and Alexey Kopyshev
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