Regensburg 2010 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 35: Posters: Statistical Physics, Evolution, and Networks

Donnerstag, 25. März 2010, 17:15–20:00, Poster B2

17:15 BP 35.1 Semiflexible polymers under the influence of a pressure driven Poiseuille flow — •Sebastian Reddig and Holger Stark
17:15 BP 35.2 Systematic Microcanonical Analyses of Polymer Adsorption Transitions — •Monika Möddel, Wolfhard Janke und Michael Bachmann
17:15 BP 35.3 Spontaneous spiking in presence of delayed feedback — •Yunyun Li, Gerhard Schmid, Peter Hänggi, and Lutz Schimansky-Geier
17:15 BP 35.4 Advection and Reaction in Open Flows — •Mitja Kleider, Izabella Benczik, and Jürgen Vollmer
17:15 BP 35.5 Finite-time thermodynamics and cyclic engines — •David Abreu and Udo Seifert
17:15 BP 35.6 Extended Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem for Sheared Colloidal Suspensions — •Boris Lander, Thomas Speck, and Udo Seifert
17:15 BP 35.7 Effect of thermostating and electrostatics on the solution structure and dynamics of signal transduction of the wildtype-LOV1 domain of phototropinEmanuel Peter, Bernhard Dick, and •Stephan Baeurle
17:15 BP 35.8 Thermodynamics of polymers anchored to fluctuating tethered membranes — •Steffen Karalus, Wolfhard Janke, and Michael Bachmann
17:15 BP 35.9 Role of hydrodynamic anisotropy for protein-protein encounter — •Jakob Schluttig, Christian Korn, and Ulrich Schwarz
17:15 BP 35.10 Die zelluläre Proteinsynthese, ein kosmisches Fraktal der E8-Grp. — •Norbert Sadler
17:15 BP 35.11 The influence of spatial correlations and fractal properties of bacterial patterns on colony extinction — •Florentine Mayer and Erwin Frey
17:15 BP 35.12 Fixation time in zero-sum and non zero-sum cyclic coevolution — •Markus Schütt and Jens Christian Claussen
17:15 BP 35.13 Investigating the chemo-mechanical properties of two-dimensional actin networksKai Uhrig, Rainer Kurre, •Martin Streichfuss, Friedrich Erbs, Simon Schulz, Anabel Clemen, Tamas Haraszti, Christian Böhm und Joachim Spatz
17:15 BP 35.14 Coexistence and phenology of mass-selective predators — •Laurin Lengert, Barbara Drossel, and Christian Guill
17:15 BP 35.15 The effect of body mass and adaptive foraging on food web robustness — •Lotta Heckmann, Christian Guill, and Barbara Drossel
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