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DY: Fachverband Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 6: Poster Session I

Montag, 22. März 2010, 16:00–18:00, Poster B2

16:00 DY 6.1 Statistics of distinguishable particles and resolution of the Gibbs paradox of the first kind — •Hjalmar Peters
16:00 DY 6.2 Cutting the Energy Range in Multicanonical Monte Carlo Simulations — •Steffen Karalus, Wolfhard Janke, and Michael Bachmann
16:00 DY 6.3 From an atomistic to a path integral representation of molecules in adaptive simulation — •Adolfo Poma and Luigi Delle Site
16:00 DY 6.4 Quantum corrections in the strong friction limit: Perturbation theory and applications — •Stefan A. Maier and Joachim Ankerhold
16:00 DY 6.5 Coupling different levels of resolution in molecular dynamics. — •Simon Poblete, Matej Praprotnik, Kurt Kremer, and Luigi Delle Site
16:00 DY 6.6 Shape and Pinching-Off of Dew Droplets — •Johannes Blaschke, Tobias Lapp, Björn Hof, and Jürgen Vollmer
16:00 DY 6.7 Monte Carlo simulations without detailed balance — •Heitor Fernandes, Martin Weigel, and Tanja Schilling
16:00 DY 6.8 Domain walls and optimal droplets in the SOS model — •Karsten Schwarz and Heiko Rieger
16:00 DY 6.9 Spin dynamics: quantum master equation in phase space for a spin in a uniform external field — •Bernard P.J. Mulligan, William T. Coffey, Yuri P. Kalmykov, and Serguey V. Titov
16:00 DY 6.10 Entropy of lattice triangulations — •Johannes Reinhard and Klaus Mecke
16:00 DY 6.11 Investigation of a highly frustrated point packing problem — •Andre Müller, Sebiha Sahin, Michael Kwasnicki, Frederic Stein, Tobias Preis, Elmar Schömer, and Johannes J. Schneider
16:00 DY 6.12 Investigation of the kissing number problem — •Sebiha Sahin, Andre Müller, Elmar Schömer, and Johannes J. Schneider
16:00 DY 6.13 Morphometric Relationship for Thermodynamic Properties of Confined Hard Sphere FluidsStefan Kuczera, •Klaus Mecke, and Gerd Schröder-Turk
16:00 DY 6.14 Multithreading Monte Carlo simulations of polymer models — •Jonathan Gross, Wolfhard Janke, and Michael Bachmann
16:00 DY 6.15 Folding and unfolding of a triple-branch DNA hairpin molecule with four conformational states — •Sandra Engel, Anna Alemany, Nuria Forns, Philipp Maass, and Felix Ritort
16:00 DY 6.16 Genome Folding at the 30 nm Scale — •Philipp M. Diesinger and Dieter W. Heermann
16:00 DY 6.17 Morphological Influences on Colloidal Transport in Porous Structures — •Christian Scholz, Yujie Li, and Clemens Bechinger
16:00 DY 6.18 Diffusive Transport of light in a two-dimensinal disordered packing of disks:analytical approach to transport mean free path — •Zeinab Sadjadi and MirFaez Miri
16:00 DY 6.19 Quantitative analysis of fluctuations and irreversibility of optically trapped microspheres — •Olaf Ueberschär and Friedrich Kremer
16:00 DY 6.20 Directed Brownian motion of asymmetric particles in a time-dependent potential — •Martin Reichelsdorfer and Klaus Mecke
16:00 DY 6.21 Effect of negative resistance in the transport of a dimer system — •Steffen Martens, Dirk Hennig, and Lutz Schimansky-Geier
16:00 DY 6.22 Application of the Maximum Entropie Method for Heterogeneous Diffusion Systems — •Mario Heidernätsch, Michael Bauer, and Günter Radons
16:00 DY 6.23 Characterization of heterogeneous single molecule diffusion in ultra-thin liquid films from the probability density of scaled squared displacements — •Michael Bauer and Günter Radons
16:00 DY 6.24 Brownian motion of heated particles — •Daniel Rings, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Markus Selmke, Romy Radünz, Frank Cichos, and Klaus Kroy
16:00 DY 6.25 Numerical calculation of the filter efficiency of fibrous aerosol filtersEgbert Zienicke and •Hartmut Grille
16:00 DY 6.26 Diffusive transport of ballistic particles in hard-spheres systems — •Markus Spanner, Felix Höfling, Gerd Schröder-Turk, Klaus Mecke, and Thomas Franosch
16:00 DY 6.27 Measuring Hindered Transport and Self-Diffusion by Means of Optical and NMR Methods — •Tom Kirchner, Christian Chmelik, Helge Bux, Jürgen Caro, Lars Heinke, Florian Hibbe, Tobias Titze, and Jörg Kärger
16:00 DY 6.28 Gas sensitivity in nanoporous crystalline metal oxide: a site-bond percolation approach — •Julia Dräger, Stefanie Russ, Claus-Dieter Kohl, and Armin Bunde
16:00 DY 6.29 Anomalous transport in porous media III: Anomalous immiscible displacement — •Florian Doster and Rudolf Hilfer
16:00 DY 6.30 Anomalous transport in porous media IV: Immiscible displacement in the diffusive limit — •Oliver Hönig, Florian Doster, and Rudolf Hilfer
16:00 DY 6.31 Anomalous diffusion in inhomogeneous viscosity landscapes — •Markus Burgis, Volker Schaller, Alexei Krekhov, and Walter Zimmermann
16:00 DY 6.32 Noise Effects in Ferromagnetic Systems — •Thomas Bose and Steffen Trimper
16:00 DY 6.33 Power--Law Level--Statistics due to Dynamical TunnelingArnd Bäcker, Roland Ketzmerick, Steffen Löck, and •Normann Mertig
16:00 DY 6.34 Transport in Correlated Random Media — •Otto Dietz, Ulrich Kuhl, Hans-Jürgen Stöckmann, Felix M. Izrailev, and Nykolay M. Makarov
16:00 DY 6.35 Singular statistics revised — •Timur Tudorovskiy, Ulrich Kuhl, and Hans-Jürgen Stöckmann
16:00 DY 6.36 Superconducting measurement of two microwave billiards with constant width shapeStefan Bittner, Barbara Dietz, Maksim Miski-Oglu, Pedro Oria Iriarte, •Birgit Quast, Achim Richter, and Florian Schäfer
16:00 DY 6.37 Quantum signatures of partial barriers in phase spaceArnd Bäcker, Roland Ketzmerick, and •Matthias Michler
16:00 DY 6.38 Microwave measurements on graphene-like structures — •Sonja Barkhofen, Ulrich Kuhl, Hans–Jürgen Stöckmann, and Fabrice Mortessagne
16:00 DY 6.39 Reappearance of Flooded Regular States in Open Quantum Systems with a Mixed Phase SpaceArnd Bäcker, •Lars Bittrich, Roland Ketzmerick, Ulrich Kuhl, and Hans-Jürgen Stöckmann
16:00 DY 6.40 Quality Factor Dynamics in Coupled Circular Microcavities — •Jeong-Bo Shim, Jan Wiersig, Mohamed Benyoucef, and Oliver Schmidt
16:00 DY 6.41 Temporal decay of open quantum billiardsStefan Bittner, Bruno Camargo, Barbara Dietz, Maksim Miski-Oglu, •Pedro Oria-Iriarte, Birgit Quast, Achim Richter, and Florian Schäfer
16:00 DY 6.42 Equivalence of transport coefficients in bath-induced and dynamical scenarios — •Robin Steinigeweg
16:00 DY 6.43 Diffusion in a finite, non-isotropic Anderson model — •Hendrik Niemeyer and Robin Steinigeweg
16:00 DY 6.44 Dephasing in networks with traps: from Quantum to Random Walk — •Tobias Schmid, Oliver Mülken, and Alexander Blumen
16:00 DY 6.45 Thermodynamics of quantum systems: work and heat in finite systems — •Heiko Schröder and Günter Mahler
16:00 DY 6.46 Effective Quantum Jarzynski estimator for embedded subsystems — •Jens Teifel and Günter Mahler
16:00 DY 6.47 Quantum Thermodynamics and periodic quantum measurements — •Thomas Jahnke and Günter Mahler
16:00 DY 6.48 Two Ising-coupled quantum spins in the presence of a bosonic bath — •Peter Philipp Orth, Karyn Le Hur, David Roosen, and Walter Hofstetter
16:00 DY 6.49 Quantum Monte Carlo simulations for the dynamics of the spin-boson model with a structured environment — •Charlotte Escher and Joachim Ankerhold
16:00 DY 6.50 Scaling behaviour in a minimal model for block copolymer microdomain ordering — •Christian Riesch and Robert Magerle
16:00 DY 6.51 Multiscale modeling of nanostructured polymer materials using field-theoretic methodologies — •Stephan Baeurle, Takao Usami, and Andrei Gusev
16:00 DY 6.52 Field-induced ordering, non-local susceptibilities and non-affine noise in 2D colloidal crystals — •Kerstin Franzrahe, Surajit Sengupta, and Peter Nielaba
16:00 DY 6.53 The Talbot effect observed in a liquid crystal convection experiment — •Stephan Messlinger, Wolfgang Schöpf, Ingo Rehberg, and Werner Pesch
16:00 DY 6.54 The Talbot effect observed in a liquid crystal convection experiment — •Stephan Messlinger, Wolfgang Schöpf, Ingo Rehberg, and Werner Pesch
16:00 DY 6.55 Heisenberg antiferromagnets with exchange and on-site anisotropies — •Thanh-Chung Dinh, Reinhard Folk, David Peters, and Walter Selke
16:00 DY 6.56 Study of the delocalised-localised critical transition frequency for phonons — •Sebastian Pinski and Rudolf Römer
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