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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 29: [CPP] Organic Electronics and Photovoltaics I (Joint Session DS/CPP/HL/O)

Dienstag, 23. März 2010, 09:30–12:45, H37

09:30 O 29.1 Side chain variations on dicyanovinyl-oligothiophenes studied by photoinduced absorption spectroscopy: consequences for small molecule organic solar cells — •Hannah Ziehlke, Roland Fitzner, Christian Koerner, Egon Reinold, Peter Baeuerle, Karl Leo, and Moritz Riede
09:45 O 29.2 New multiwall molecular organic nanotubes — •Maren Rastedt, Frauke Kutscher, Okko Frey, Rüdiger Beckhaus, Christian Maibohm, and Katharina Al-Shamery
10:00 O 29.3 Radical Molecular Wires — •Georg Heimel, Egbert Zojer, Lorenz Romaner, Jean-Luc Brédas, and Francesco Stellacci
10:15 O 29.4 Structure property relationship in aza-bodipy absorber materials for organic photovoltaics — •Roland Gresser, Toni Mueller, Moritz Philipp Hein, Karl Leo, and Moritz Riede
10:30 O 29.5 Dicyanovinyl sexithiophenes: self-organization and photovoltaic properties — •Marieta Levichkova, David Wynands, Alexandr Levin, Karl Leo, Karsten Walzer, Dirk Hildebrandt, Peter Bäuerle, Rosina Rentenberger, and Moritz Riede
  10:45 15 min. break
11:00 O 29.6 Hexaazatriphenylene and hexaazatrinaphthylene derivatives as electron transport materials in organic solar cells — •Christiane Falkenberg, Martin Baumgarten, Ralph Rieger, Selina Olthof, Karl Leo, Moritz Riede, and Klaus Müllen
11:15 O 29.7 Structure - property relationship of thiophene based materials bearing different accepting groups — •Marion Wrackmeyer, Markus Hummert, Horst Hartmann, Karl Leo, and Moritz Riede
11:30 O 29.8 Charge transport in self-assembled semiconducting organic layers: role of dynamic and static disorder — •Thorsten Vehoff, Yeon Sook Chung, Karen Johnston, Alessandro Troisi, Do Yeung Yoon, and Denis Andrienko
11:45 O 29.9 Charge Transport in rr-P3HT:PCBM Blends - The Impact of Ultrahigh Regioregularity on Hole Transport and Device Performance — •Ralf Mauer and Frédéric Laquai
12:00 O 29.10 Charge transport in conjugated polymers with energetic disorder — •James C Blakesley, Helen S Clubb, Christopher Groves, Louise M Hopkins, and Neil C Greenham
12:15 O 29.11 Towards high charge carrier mobilities by rational design of organic semiconductors — •Denis Andrienko, Valentina Marcon, James Kirkpatrick, Victor Ruehle, Bjoern Baumeier, Thorsten Vehoff, Alexander Lukyanov, Kurt Kremer, Jenny Nelson, and Christian Lennartz
12:30 O 29.12 Fully functionalized block copolymers for organic electronic applications — •Sven Hüttner, Michael Sommer, Justin Hodgkiss, Peter Kohn, Thomas Thurn-Albrecht, Richard Friend, Ullrich Steiner, and Mukundan Thelakkat
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