Regensburg 2013 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 2: Proteins

Montag, 11. März 2013, 09:30–12:45, H44

09:30 BP 2.1 Topical Talk: Energy conversion mechanisms of heat shock proteins — •Thorsten Hugel
10:00 BP 2.2 Peptide with a trigger: The aggregation and refolding of pH sensitive peptide GALA in solution and at interfaces — •Denise Schach, Christoph Globisch, Adrian Fuchs, Clemens K. Weiss, Christine Peter, Mischa Bonn, and Tobias Weidner
10:15 BP 2.3 Structure and dynamics of the iron binding protein Lactoferrin studied with neutron scattering — •Clemens Sill, Ralf Biehl, Bernd Hoffmann, and Dieter Richter
10:30 BP 2.4 Influence of surface and subsurface properties on the structure and activity of adsorbed lysozyme — •Christian Spengler, Stéphane Mesnage, Hendrik Hähl, Peter Loskill, Simon J. Foster, and Karin Jacobs
10:45 BP 2.5 Integrating Genomic Information with Molecular Simulation for Protein Dynamics — •Alexander schug, Hendrik Szurmant, Martin Weigt, and Abhinav Verma
  11:00 15 min break
11:15 BP 2.6 Urea’s effect on protein secondary structures — •Beate Moeser and Dominik Horinek
11:30 BP 2.7 Internal protein dynamics - a study on fully deuterated cyano phycocyanin by 2H NMR experiments and random-walk simulations — •Kerstin Kämpf, Beke Kremmling, and Michael Vogel
11:45 BP 2.8 Effects of ligand binding on the mechanical properties of ankyrin repeat proteins — •Giovanni Settanni, David Serquera, Piotr Marszalek, Emanuele Paci, and Laura Itzhaki
12:00 BP 2.9 Regulatory mechanism of the light-activable DNA-binding switch LOV-TAP : A computer simulation studyEmanuel Peter, Bernhard Dick, and •Stephan A Baeurle
12:15 BP 2.10 Zinc Finger Proteins and the 3D Organization of Chromosomes — •Dieter Heermann, Christoph Feinauer, Sebastian Goldt, Andreas Hofmann, Lei Liu, and Gabriell Mate
12:30 BP 2.11 Stochastic dynamics of direct and hierarchical virus capsid assembly — •Heinrich Klein, Johanna Baschek, and Ulrich S. Schwarz
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