Regensburg 2013 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 11: Graphene: Spin-orbit interaction (jointly with DS, HL, MA, and TT)

Montag, 11. März 2013, 11:30–13:45, H17

11:30 O 11.1 Impurity-induced spin relaxation time in graphene from first principles — •Dmitry Fedorov, Martin Gradhand, Sergey Ostanin, Igor Maznichenko, Arthur Ernst, Jaroslav Fabian, and Ingrid Mertig
11:45 O 11.2 D’yakonov-Perel’ spin dephasing in single and bilayer graphene and the role of contact resistance on the spin dephasing timeFrank Volmer, Marc Drögeler, Eva Maynicke, •Nils von den Driesch, Tsung-Yeh Yang, Gernot Güntherodt, and Bernd Beschoten
12:00 O 11.3 Intrinsic and substrate induced spin-orbit interaction in chirally stacked trilayer graphene — •Andor Kormanyos and Guido Burkard
12:15 O 11.4 Long Electron Spin Lifetimes in Armchair Graphene Nanoribbons — •Matthias Droth and Guido Burkard
12:30 O 11.5 Tunneling-induced Spin Anisotropy Barrier in Quantum Dot Spin-Valves — •Michael Hell, Maciej Misiorny, and Maarten Wegewijs
12:45 O 11.6 First-principles study of the spin-orbit interaction in graphene induced by hydrogen adatoms — •Martin Gmitra, Denis Kochan, and Jaroslav Fabian
13:00 O 11.7 Theory of the hydrogen adatoms induced spin-orbit coupling in graphene — •Denis Kochan, Martin Gmitra, and Jaroslav Fabian
13:15 O 11.8 Optical properties of hydrogenated graphene from first principles — •Sebastian Putz, Martin Gmitra, and Jaroslav Fabian
  13:30 O 11.9 The contribution has been moved to O 23.13.
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