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MO: Fachverband Molekülphysik

MO 13: Posters 3: Cold Molecules, Helium Nano Droplets, and Experimental Techniques

Mittwoch, 19. März 2014, 16:30–18:30, Spree-Palais

16:30 MO 13.1 Centrifuge deceleration of electrically guided continuous beams of polar molecules — •Thomas Gantner, Sotir Chervenkov, Xing Wu, Josef Bayerl, Andreas Rohlfes, Martin Zeppenfeld, and Gerhard Rempe
16:30 MO 13.2 Combining a continuous centrifuge decelerator with a cryogenic buffer-gas source — •Xing Wu, Sotir Chervenkov, Thomas Gantner, Joseph Bayerl, Martin Zeppenfeld, and Gerhard Rempe
16:30 MO 13.3 Finding pathways for creation of cold molecules by laser spectroscopy — •Ivo Temelkov, Horst Knöckel, and Eberhard Tiemann
16:30 MO 13.4 Development of a versatile ion trap based experimental station for the study of biomolecular ions — •Tim Michaelsen, Sunil Kumar, Thorsten Best, and Roland Wester
16:30 MO 13.5 Spatial separation of molecular clusters and conformers — •Thomas Kierspel, Daniel A. Horke, Yuan-Pin Chang, Sebastian Trippel, and Jochen Küpper
16:30 MO 13.6 Supersonic molecular beams for high-precision measurements using a traveling-wave decelerator — •sreekanth chirayath mathavan, joost e van den berg, corine meinema, janko nauta, ronnie hoekstra, leo huisman, imko smid, and steven hoekstra
16:30 MO 13.7 Rotational-dynamics studies of state-selected molecules — •Jens S. Kienitz, Sebastian Trippel, Terence G. Mullins, Nele L. M. Müller, and Jochen Küpper
16:30 MO 13.8 Deceleration and deflection of cold Hydrogen molecules by a Rydberg Stark decelerator — •Johannes Deiglmayr, Pitt Allmendinger, Joseph Agner, and Frédéric Merkt
16:30 MO 13.9 Perspectives for translational temperature diagnostics of trapped ions by evaporative losses. — •Olga Lakhmanskaya, Thorsten Best, Sunil Kumar, Eric Endres, Daniel Hauser, Rico Otto, Stephanie Eisenbach, Alexander von Zastrow, and Roland Wester
16:30 MO 13.10 Quantum simulations with trapped molecules with mircowave field — •Yubing Yang
16:30 MO 13.11 Laser cooling of heavy diatomic molecules — •Corine Meinema, Joost van den Berg, Sreekanth Mathavan, Janko Nauta, Lorenz Willmann, Klaus Jungmann, and Steven Hoekstra
16:30 MO 13.12 MEASUREMENT OF THE LIFETIME OF THE FIRST VIBRATIONALLY EXCITED STATE OF MGH+ — •Oscar O. Versolato, Maria Schwarz, Anders K. Hansen, Alex D. Gingell, Alexander Windberger, Łukasz Kłosowski, Joachim Ullrich, Frank Jensen, José R. Crespo López-Urrutia, and Michael Drewsen
16:30 MO 13.13 ULTRA-TENUOUS ROTATIONAL BUFFER GAS COOLING OF COULOMB-CRYSTALLIZED MGH+Anders K. Hansen, •Oscar O. Versolato, Łukasz Kłosowski, Simon B. Kristensen, Alex D. Gingell, Maria Schwarz, Alexander Windberger, Joachim Ullrich, José R. Crespo López-Urrutia, and Michael Drewsen
16:30 MO 13.14 Detecting the Rotational State of Electrically Trapped Polyatomic Molecules — •Rosa Glöckner, Alexander Prehn, Martin Zeppenfeld, and Gerhard Rempe
16:30 MO 13.15 Sympathetic cooling of OH ions using Rb atoms in a MOT — •Henry Lopez, Bastian Höltkemeier, Julian Glässel, Pascal Weckesser, Eric Endres, Thorsten Best, Roland Wester, and Matthias Weidemüller
16:30 MO 13.16 Stretching the Envelope in Crossed Beam Experiments — •Alexander von Zastrow, Jolijn Onvlee, Sjoerd Vogels, David H. Parker, and Sebastiaan Y. T. van de Meerakker
16:30 MO 13.17 Observation of coherent interference and determination of strengths and signs of an electric- and magnetic-dipole transition moment in OH — •H.C. Schewe, D. Zhang, X. Wang, G. Meijer, B. Sartakov, R. W. Field, and N. Vanhaecke
16:30 MO 13.18 En route to many-body physics with 23Na-40K ground-state polar molecules — •Zhenkai Lu, Nikolaus Buchheim, Tobias Schneider, Immanuel Bloch, and Christoph Gohle
16:30 MO 13.19 Imaging photoionization dynamics of doped Helium Nanodroplets and molecular Rydberg states — •Johannes von Vangerow, Alexandr Bogomolov, Barbara Grüner, Alexey Baklanov, Frank Stienkemeier, and Marcel Mudrich
16:30 MO 13.20 IR and UV spectroscopy of biomolecular ions in liquid helium droplets — •Doo-Sik Ahn, Ana Isabel Gonzalez Florez, and Gert von Helden
16:30 MO 13.21 LIF spectroscopy of laser-ablated atoms in He nanodroplets and dense He gas — •Sharareh Izadnia, Aaron Laforge, and Frank Stienkemeier
16:30 MO 13.22 Mass-resolved pump-probe spectroscopy of alkali-doped He nanodroplets — •Oliver John, Johannes von Vangerow, Harald Schmidt, Daniel Reich, Wojciech Skomorowski, Christiane Koch, Frank Stienkemeier, and Marcel Mudrich
16:30 MO 13.23 Allyl Radicals in Helium Nanodroplets — •Daniel Leicht, Daniel Habig, Gerhard Schwaab, and Martina Havenith
16:30 MO 13.24 NC4111 NTf2 in Helium Nanodroplets — •Matin Kaufmann, Kenny Hanke, Teemu Salmi, Gerhard Schwaab, and Martina Havenith
16:30 MO 13.25 Single-particle orbit tracking: A versatile tool for monitoring confined diffusion in nanoporous materials — •Dominic Raithel, Daniel Zalami, Dominique Ernst, Uwe Gerken, Jürgen Köhler, and Markus Retsch
16:30 MO 13.26 Fast, precise, and widely tunable frequency control of a cw optical parametric oscillator — •Alexander Prehn, Rosa Glöckner, Martin Zeppenfeld, and Gerhard Rempe
16:30 MO 13.27 Laser-induced acoustic desorption setup for the soft vaporization of large moleculesWilhelm F. Frisch, •Zhipeng Huang, Daniel A. Horke, and Jochen Küpper
16:30 MO 13.28 Characterization of a 6 K Ring-Electrode Ion-Trap used for IR Photodissociation Experiments in a Triple Mass Spectrometer — •Tim Esser, Nadja Heine, and Knut R. Asmis
16:30 MO 13.29 Development of an in-situ electrochemical flowcell for soft x-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy — •Christoph Schwanke and Kathrin Aziz-Lange
16:30 MO 13.30 An optical pipeline for femtosecond diffractive imagingRick Kirian, •Salah Awel, Niko Eckerskorn, Andrei Rode, Jochen Küpper, and Henry Chapman
16:30 MO 13.31 Dynamics of a nano-electromechanical rotor driven by single-electron tunneling — •Alan Celestino, Pablo Carlos López Vázquez, and Alexander Eisfeld
16:30 MO 13.32 Vibronic line-shapes of polymeric cis-Indolenine squaraine dyes — •Christoph Brüning, Eileen Welz, Sebastian F. Völker, Christoph Lambert, and Volker Engel
16:30 MO 13.33 Discrimination between new and aged ETFE plastic samples using Raman spectroscopy and chemometric analysis — •Alexandru Popa, Rasha Hassanein, Anais Colibaba, and Arnulf Materny
16:30 MO 13.34 Ultrafast Charge Migration Induced by Inner-Shell Vacancy in Diiodomethane — •Maximilian Hollstein and Daniela Pfannkuche
16:30 MO 13.35 Hierarchy of stochastic pure state wavefunctions for open quantum systemsDaniel Süss, Walter T. Strunz, and •Alexander Eisfeld
16:30 MO 13.36 The nature of the chemical bond between Carbon and Fluorine in Perfluorocarbons — •Tim Brandenburg, Marcus Agåker, Kaan Atak, Mika Pflüger, Kathrin Aziz-Lange, Christoph Schwanke, Tristan Petit, Jan-Erik Rubensson, and Emad Flear Aziz
16:30 MO 13.37 Fine structure and fragmentation of n=4 states in H3 — •Steffen J. Meyer, Peer C. Fechner, and Hanspeter Helm
16:30 MO 13.38 On the equivalence of spatial wave function and complete characterization of linear fragment momenta after many-body breakup — •Peer C. Fechner and Hanspeter Helm
16:30 MO 13.39 Molecular Frame Photoelectron Angular Distributions in Dissociating CF3I Molecules — •Felix Brauße, Arnaud Rouzée, and Marc Vrakking
16:30 MO 13.40 Laser photothermal emission spectroscopy of gases — •Felix Axtmann and Johannes Herbst
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