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MO: Fachverband Molekülphysik

MO 14: Cold Molecules 2

Donnerstag, 20. März 2014, 10:30–12:30, BEBEL HS213

10:30 MO 14.1 Probing the orientation of 87Rb2 molecules in the a3Σu+ rovibrational ground state by measuring the polarizability — •Markus Deiss, Björn Drews, Benjamin Deissler, and Johannes Hecker Denschlag
10:45 MO 14.2 Spatially separating para and ortho water – fully quantum state selected samples of gas-phase molecules — •Daniel Horke, Yuan-Pin Chang, and Jochen Küpper
11:00 MO 14.3 Thermometry of Cold Trapped Molecular Anions in Multipole RF-Ion Traps — •Daniel Hauser, Seunghyun Lee, Olga Lakhmanskaya, Eric Endres, Sunil Kumar, Thorsten Best und Roland Wester
11:15 MO 14.4 Spectroscopy of Cold RbSr Molecules Formed on Helium Nanodroplets — •Florian Lackner, Günter Krois, Johann V. Pototschnig, Thomas Buchsteiner, and Wolfgang E. Ernst
11:30 MO 14.5 Transverse Focusing Effects in the Zeeman Deceleration of Hydrogen Atoms — •Katrin Dulitz, Atreju Tauschinsky, Michael Motsch, Nicolas Vanhaecke, and Timothy P. Softley
11:45 MO 14.6 Kolmogorov-type scaling at a non-thermal fixed point in two dimensional Bose gases — •Thorge Müller, Markus Karl, and Thomas Gasenzer
12:00 MO 14.7 Hybrid atom-ion trap for sympatheic cooling of OH ions by a rubidium MOT — •Julian Glässel, Bastian Höltkemeier, Henry Lopez, Pascal Weckesser, Thorsten Best, Eric Endres, Roland Wester, and Matthias Weidemüller
12:15 MO 14.8 Cavity cooling of free nanoparticles in high vacuum — •Stefan Kuhn, Peter Asenbaum, Stefan Nimmrichter, Ugur Sezer, and Markus Arndt
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