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Q: Fachverband Quantenoptik und Photonik

Q 12: Quantum gases: Bosons, mixtures and spinor gases

Montag, 17. März 2014, 14:00–15:45, UDL HS2002

14:00 Q 12.1 Echo Type Mass Spectroscopy of Impurities Immersed in a Bose Gas — •Tobias Rentrop, Arno Trautmann, Jonas Zeuner, Raphael Scelle, and Markus Oberthaler
14:15 Q 12.2 Compact strongly interacting quantum mixtures for preci- sion atom interferometry — •Katerine Posso-Trujillo, Holger Ahlers, Christian Schubert, Naceur Gaaloul, and Ernst M. Rasel
14:30 Q 12.3 Quench dynamics and non-thermal fixed points in a spin-1 spinor Bose-Einstein condensates — •Sebastian Heupts, Markus Karl, and Thomas Gasenzer
14:45 Q 12.4 Thermalization measurements on an ultracold mixture of metastable triplet He and Rb atoms — •Hari P. Mishra, Adonis S. Flores, Wim Vassen, and Steven Knoop
15:00 Q 12.5 Superfluid Quantum Turbulence in 2D from Gauge/Gravity Duality — •Andreas Samberg, Markus Karl, Thomas Gasenzer, and Carlo Ewerz
15:15 Q 12.6 Tuning Superfluid Phases of Spin-1 Bosons in Cubic Optical Lattice With Linear Zeeman Effect — •Mohamed Mobarak and Axel Pelster
15:30 Q 12.7 A new renormalization-group approach to superfluid turbulence and non-thermal fixed pointsThomas Gasenzer, •Steven Mathey, and Jan M. Pawlowski
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