Berlin 2014 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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UP: Fachverband Umweltphysik

UP 11: Postersession

Mittwoch, 19. März 2014, 17:00–18:30, MAG Poster

17:00 UP 11.1 Transmissionsprofile aus SCIAMACHY Sonnenokultationsmessungen — •Jacob Zalach und Christian von Savigny
17:00 UP 11.2 Remote sensing of methane with optical correlation spectroscopy on the Q-branch of the 2ν3 band — •Katja Rieth, Christophe Anselmo, Benjamin Thomas, Jean-Pierre Cariou, Alain Miffre, Johannes Orphal, and Patrick Rairoux
17:00 UP 11.3 A multi-wavelength retrieval of tropospheric NO2 from GOME-2 observationsAndreas Richter, •Andreas Hilboll, and John P. Burrows
17:00 UP 11.4 Comparing RD94 dropsonde and aircraft temperature and humidity measurements based on data from arctic field studies — •Lukas Schmidt, Marion Maturilli, Roland Neuber, Klaus Dethloff, and Andreas Herber
17:00 UP 11.5 Long-Term Changes in Temperature and Radiation at the Arctic Station Ny-Ålesund (79°N, 12°E) — •Marion Maturilli, Andreas Herber, and Gert König-Langlo
17:00 UP 11.6 Long-term changes of tropospheric NO2 over megacities derived from multiple satellite instruments — •Andreas Hilboll, Andreas Richter, and John P. Burrows
17:00 UP 11.7 Spatial distributions of NO2 in emission plumes observed by imaging DOAS from aircraft — •Anja Schönhardt, Andreas Meier, Andreas Richter, Thomas Ruhtz, Carsten Lindemann, and John P. Burrows
17:00 UP 11.8 A Central Facility for Greenhouse Gas Analyses within the ICOS Network (Integrated Carbon Observation System)Maria Büttner, Michael Hielscher, Stephan Baum, Bert Steinberg, Adam Janoschka, Christian Lütz, Rico Hengst, Markus Eritt, •Daniel Rzesanke, and Armin Jordan
17:00 UP 11.9 Custom-designed optical measurement cell for temperature-dependent FTIR measurements of spectral line data — •Anton Serdyukov, Anne Rausch, Viktor Werwein, Jens Brunzendorf, Olav Werhahn, and Volker Ebert
17:00 UP 11.10 CO2 self broadening and line strength measurements in the 2 µm region — •Jens Brunzendorf, Anton Serdyukov, Anne Rausch, Viktor Werwein, Olav Werhahn, and Volker Ebert
17:00 UP 11.11 Morphogenesis of short-time frozen microstructures in sea ice — •Bernd Kutschan, Silke Thoms, Klaus Morawetz, and Sibylle Gemming
17:00 UP 11.12 Freezing mechanisms of antifreeze proteins — •Bernd Kutschan, Silke Thoms, Klaus Morawetz, and Sibylle Gemming
17:00 UP 11.13 Determination of sea ice concentration during summer using 1.4 GHz brightness temperatures — •Valentin Ludwig and Lars Kaleschke
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