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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 30: Poster: Quantum dots and wires: Preparation, characterization, optical properties and transport

Montag, 31. März 2014, 17:00–20:00, P2

17:00 HL 30.1 Raman and AFM Characterization of Ultrasmall CdS Nanoparticles Incorporated in Polymeric Matrix — •Dmytro Solonenko, Volodymyr Dzhagan, Oleksandra Raevska, Oleksandr Stroyuk, Ovidiu D. Gordan, and Dietrich R. T. Zahn
17:00 HL 30.2 Synthesis and characterization of quantum sized InP nanowires prepared by UTAM surface nano patterning and reactive-ion etching technique — •Lin Cheng, Kin Mun Wong, and Yong Lei
17:00 HL 30.3 Characterization of InP-quantum dots in AlGaInP for integration in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers as active medium — •Sergey Gelhorn, Susanne Weidenfeld, Thomas Schwarzbäck, Roman Bek, Christian Keßler, Michael Jetter, and Peter Michler
17:00 HL 30.4 Analysis of the nucleation behavior of quantum dots on planar and prepatterned GaAs substrates for the integration in single-photon devices — •Marc Sartison, Matthias Paul, Ulrich Rengstl, Elisabeth Koroknay, Susanne Weidenfeld, Michael Jetter, and Peter Michler
17:00 HL 30.5 InAs Quantum Dots at Telecom Wavelengths — •Fabian Olbrich, Jan Kettler, Matthias Paul, Katharina Zeuner, Sven Markus Ulrich, Michael Jetter, Matusala Yacob, Mohamed Benjoucef, Johann Peter Reithmaier, and Peter Michler
17:00 HL 30.6 Growth of site-controlled InAs nanowires induced by focused ion beam — •Sven Scholz, Rüdiger Schott, Arne Ludwig, and Andreas D. Wieck
17:00 HL 30.7 Indirect exchange interaction between quantum dots in a magnetic field — •Alexander W. Heine, Katharina Janzen, Gertrud Zwicknagl, and Rolf J. Haug
17:00 HL 30.8 Numerical determination of the non-equilibrium many-body statistical operator for a nanowire-based field-effect transistor — •Jose Maria Castelo and Klaus Michael Indlekofer
17:00 HL 30.9 Thermal noise in AlGaAs/GaAs-nanostructures — •Christian Riha, Philipp Miechowski, Sven S. Buchholz, Olivio Chiatti, Dirk Reuter, Andreas D. Wieck, and Saskia F. Fischer
17:00 HL 30.10 A New Structure for Time-Resolved Transport Spectroscopy of InAs-Quantum Dots — •Sergej Markmann, Patrick A. Labud, Arne Ludwig, Dirk Reuter, and Andreas D. Wieck
17:00 HL 30.11 Electron counting in a quantum dot system — •Timo Wagner, Eddy P. Rugeramigabo, and Rolf. J. Haug
17:00 HL 30.12 Top-down fabrication and characterization of silicon nanowire RFETs — •Dipjyoti Deb, Artur Erbe, Manfred Helm, and Jochen Grebing
17:00 HL 30.13 Electronic Structure and Photoluminescence of Bare Core and Core/shell CdSe QDs — •Ghazal Tofighi, Martin Möbius, Jörg Martin, Christian Spudat, Thomas Otto, Thomas Gessner, Ovidiu D. Gordan, and Dietrich R.T. Zahn
17:00 HL 30.14 Capacitance-Voltage Spectroscopy of InAs Quantum Dots Under External Applied Strain — •Sascha René Valentin, Arne Ludwig, Dirk Reuter, and Andreas D. Wieck
17:00 HL 30.15 All optical approach to determine the spatial extension of bound wave functions in semiconductor quantum dots using intraband spectroscopy — •Sandra Kuhn, Judith Specht, Andreas Knorr, and Marten Richter
17:00 HL 30.16 Theory of simultaneous time- and frequency-gated fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy in quantum dots — •Anke Zimmermann, Marten Richter, and Andreas Knorr
17:00 HL 30.17 Simulation of Correlation Measurements of Exciton and Trion Recombination in Single Quantum Dots, Coupled to a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas — •Benjamin Merkel, Annika Kurzmann, Arne Ludwig, Andreas D. Wieck, Axel Lorke, and Martin Geller
17:00 HL 30.18 Simulation and characterisation of an integrated optical beamsplitter based on multimode GaAs/AlAs waveguides with embedded InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots — •Markus Oster, Ulrich Rengstl, Klaus D. Jöns, Samir Bounouar, Sven M. Ulrich, Michael Jetter, and Peter Michler
17:00 HL 30.19 Spectroscopy and photon-statistics of InP/AlGaInP quantum dots with reduced spatial density — •Mario Schwartz, Christian A. Keßler, Elisabeth Koroknay, Thomas Schwarzbäck, Michael Jetter, and Peter Michler
17:00 HL 30.20 Simulating SiGe/Si Self-Assembled Quantum Dots — •Torsten Wendav, Inga Fischer, and Kurt Busch
17:00 HL 30.21 Quantum coherence in semiconductor quantum dot molecules — •Stephan Michael, Weng Wah Chow, and Hans Christian Schneider
17:00 HL 30.22 Computational study of CdSe and PbSe quantum dot structures — •Farzana Aslam and Christian von Ferber
17:00 HL 30.23 Optical Spectroscopy of Site-Controlled InAs Quantum Dots — •Julia Susan Wiegand, Ramin Dahbashi, Christian Mayer, Jens Hübner, Daniel Schaadt, and Michael Oestreich
17:00 HL 30.24 Investigation of CdS nanowire lasing emissionRobert Röder, •Max Riediger, Daniel Ploß, Adrian Kriesch, Ulf Peschel, and Carsten Ronning
17:00 HL 30.25 Intense intra-3d luminescence and waveguide properties of single Co doped ZnO nanowiresSebastian Geburt, •Markus Schwiderke, Robert Röder, Uwe Kaiser, Wolfram Heimbrodt, and Carsten Ronning
17:00 HL 30.26 InGaN/GaN nanowire heterostructures as optical probes for oxygen-related surface processes — •Pascal Hille, Marius Günther, Paula Neuderth, Pascal Becker, Jörg Teubert, Jörg Schörmann, Matthias Kleine-Boymann, Mariona Coll, Jordi Arbiol, Jürgen Janek, Bernd Smarsly, and Martin Eickhoff
17:00 HL 30.27 Optical Properties of Rare-Earth doped InAs Quantum Dots — •Markus K. Greff, Arne Ludwig, and Andreas D. Wieck
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