Dresden 2014 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 44: ZnO and its relatives: Devices

Dienstag, 1. April 2014, 10:45–12:45, POT 151

10:45 HL 44.1 Energy-selective monolithic multichannel ultraviolet photodiodes based on (Mg,Zn)O thin films — •Zhipeng Zhang, Holger von Wenckstern, Jörg Lenzner, and Marius Grundmann
11:00 HL 44.2 MOCVD-growth and characterisation of AZO-contacts for p-doped GaAs nanowire structures — •Christian Koppka, Alexander Koch, Andreas Nägelein, Sana Muhammad Ullah, Matthias Steidl, Katja Tonisch, Peter Kleinschmidt, Sabine Nieland, Uta Stürzebecher, Claudia Schmidt, Werner Prost, and Thomas Hannappel
11:15 HL 44.3 Controlled fabrication of ZnO/ZnS core-shell nanotube arrays prepared on anodic aluminum oxide with enhanced photoluminces and electronic properties — •Samar Tarish, Chengliang Wang, Ahmed Al-Haddad, Zhijie Wang, Zhibing Zhan, and Yong Lei
11:30 HL 44.4 Electrical characteristics of functionalized and bare ZnO nanowire Schottky diodes — •Alejandra Castro-Carranza, Stephanie Bley, Olesea Volciuc, Tobias Voss, and Jürgen Gutowski
11:45 HL 44.5 Influence of antimony doping on optical and structural properties of ZnO nanowires — •Sarah Schlichting, Thomas Kure, Alexander Franke, Emanuele Poliani, Eswaran Senthil Kumar, Faezeh Mohammadbeigi, Simon Watkins, and Axel Hoffmann
12:00 HL 44.6 XPS investigations of selective surface passivation for highly stable metal oxide TFTs — •Yulia Trostyanskaya, Marlis Ortel, Torsten Balster, and Veit Wagner
12:15 HL 44.7 ZnO nanowires for gas sensing applications — •Manfred Madel, Julian Jakob, Martin Dickel, Florian Huber, Bruno Amann, and Klaus Thonke
12:30 HL 44.8 Influence of pH and ions on the transistor performance and topography of solution processed ZnO nanoparticles — •Paul Mundt, Nicole Anderl, Stefan Vogel, and Heinz von Seggern
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