Dresden 2014 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 88: Graphene-like materials: Silicene, MoS2 and relatives (with DY/MA/O/TT)

Donnerstag, 3. April 2014, 10:00–12:30, POT 081

10:00 HL 88.1 Many-body effects in 2D hexagonal semimetals and semiconductors — •Tineke Stroucken, Johanna Grönqvist, and Stephan W. Koch
10:15 HL 88.2 Single and Multi-Layer Silicene: Growth, Properties and Perspectives — •Patrick Vogt, Thomas Bruhn, Andrea Resta, Paola De Padova, and Guy Le Lay
10:30 HL 88.3 Optical and vibrational properties of MoS2 — •Ludger Wirtz, Alejandro Molina-Sanchez, and Kerstin Hummer
10:45 HL 88.4 Carrier- and valley dynamics of singlelayer MoS2 — •Gerd Plechinger, John Mann, Christian Schüller, Ludwig Bartels, and Tobias Korn
  11:00 Coffee break (15 min.)
11:15 HL 88.5 Photocurrent studies on semiconducting MoS2Marina Hoheneder, •Eric Parzinger, Alexander Holleitner, and Ursula Wurstbauer
11:30 HL 88.6 Resonant Inelastic Light Scattering on MoS2 — •Bastian Miller, Eric Parzinger, Alexander Holleitner, and Ursula Wurstbauer
11:45 HL 88.7 The effect of substrate and environment on the elementary excitations of MoS2 — •Eric Parzinger, Marina Hoheneder, Bastian Miller, Anna Cattani-Scholz, Alexander Holleitner, Joel W. Ager, and Ursula Wurstbauer
12:00 HL 88.8 Spin-orbit coupling, quantum dots, and qubits in transition metal dichalcogenides — •Andor Kormanyos, Viktor Zolyomi, Neil Drummond, and Guido Burkard
12:15 HL 88.9 Analytical approach to excitonic properties of MoS2 — •Gunnar Berghäuser and Ermin Malic
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