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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 44: P9: Crystallization, Nucleation and Self Assembly

Mittwoch, 18. März 2015, 10:00–13:00, Poster A

10:00 CPP 44.1 Experimentelles zum zum Beleg der Kettenfaltung in Lamellen bei massivem HDPE — •Heinz Preuß
10:00 CPP 44.2 Crystallization of nearly hard spheres under shear — •David Richard and Thomas Speck
10:00 CPP 44.3 Direct Observation of Crystallization through Surface Wrinkling in Polymer Thin Film — •Peng Zhang, Gonzalo Santoro, Sarathlal K. Vayalil, Ezzeldin Metwalli, Peter Müller-Buschbaum, Tianbai He, and Stephan V. Roth
10:00 CPP 44.4 Ultra-fast scanning calorimetry of polymers implying cooling up to 10,000,000 K/s — •Evgeny Zhuravlev, Sander van Herwaarden, Vadlamudi Madhavi, and Christoph Schick
10:00 CPP 44.5 Neutron and X-ray Scattering Studies on Nanoconfined Liquids and Solids — •Tommy Hofmann, Dirk Wallacher, and Patrick Huber
10:00 CPP 44.6 Enhanced phase purity in sexithiophene thin films through laser illumination — •Linus Pithan, Caterina Cocchi, Hannes Zschiesche, Christopher Weber, Anton Zykov, Sebastian Bommel, Peter Schäfer, Steven Leake, Claudia Draxl, and Stefan Kowarik
10:00 CPP 44.7 A soft, bilayer phase in nanoparticle-doped n-CB homologues — •Alexander Lorenz, Dena M. Agra-Kooijman, Dean R. Evans, Heinz-S. Kitzerow, and Satyendra Kumar
10:00 CPP 44.8 Reversible switching between self-assembled nanoribbons and nanotubes — •Asad Jamal, Philippe Mesini, and Günter Reiter
10:00 CPP 44.9 Breath figure template: an effective fabrication technique for large area micro-lenses array — •farid farajollahi, othmar marti, and masoud amirkhani
10:00 CPP 44.10 Applying breath figure technique for the fabrication of porous film using various solvents — •mandeep singh, farid farajollahi, othmar marti, and masoud amirkhani
10:00 CPP 44.11 Optical waveguiding and anisotropic behavior of large single crystal of thiophene-based oligomers — •Sajedeh Motamen, Yingying Wang, Jean-Pierre Malval, Thibaut Jarrosson, Françoise Serein-Spirau, Laurent Simon, and Günter Reiter
10:00 CPP 44.12 Atomistic simulations of oriented attachment of hematite nanoparticles — •Henning Hörstermann, Thomas Gruhn, and Heike Emmerich
10:00 CPP 44.13 Photonic materials from hydrogel-coated gold nanocrystals: Effect of cross-linker density, temperature and volume fraction — •Astrid Rauh and Matthias Karg
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