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A: Fachverband Atomphysik

A 30: Precision spectroscopy of atoms and ions III (with Q)

A 30.6: Vortrag

Donnerstag, 26. März 2015, 12:15–12:30, M/HS1

Life times of the HFS transitions in H-like and Li-like bismuth — •Jonas Vollbrecht for the LIBELLE collaboration — Institut für Kernphysik, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany

In 2011 the LIBELLE collaboration succeeded to measure the hyperfine splitting in highly charged 209Bi82+ and for the first time in a laser spectroscopy experiment, in 209Bi80+. For this purpose the ions were accelerated to 400 MeV/u by the GSI accelerator infrastructure and stored in the experimental storage ring (ESR) in the form of two bunches at a velocity of β≈0.71. One of the bunches was excited by a laser and the emitted fluorescence photons were detected by specialized detector systems. Besides the transition wavelengths some data for the life time of the lithium like bismuth were recorded. The precision of the measurement was limited by the calibration of the electron cooler voltage that determines the ion velocity which is needed to transform the results from co-moving coordinates to the rest frame. Therefore a second beam time was scheduled for march 2014 with an improved voltage calibration via a high precision voltage divider provided by Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Braunschweig (PTB) and an updated DAQ system. Besides a much higher accuracy of the transition energies, the new setup also allowed to gather high statistics data on the life times of both HFS transitions in 209Bi82+ an 209Bi80+. The analysis of the life times will be presented in this talk.
This work is supported by BMBF under contract number 05P12PMFAE and 05P12RDFA4.

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