Regensburg 2016 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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Montag, 7. März 2016, 17:00–19:00, Poster A

Characterization of Ta2O5 and BaTiO3 based memristive systems — •Lauritz Schnatmann1, Norman Shepheard1, Stefan Niehörster1, and Andy Thomas1,21Center for Spinelectronic Materials and Devices, Physics Department, Bielefeld University, Germany — 2IFW Dresden, IMW, Helmholtzstrasse 20, 01069 Dresden, Germany

We prepared thin film resistive tunnel junctions based on Ta2O5 and BaTiO3 by magnetron sputtering and defined the junctions by optical lithography in sizes between 10 µm and 25 µm. We looked into the memristive switching behaviour based on Chua et al. [1], where he theoretically described it in 1976. He predicted the change of the switching with a variation of the measurement frequencies. To do this, we read out the current at a fixed bias voltage during a whole loop.

Di Ventra et al. [2] described two different types of memristors: Type I and type II. These two types show a crossing or non-crossing behavior at 0 V in the hysteresis loop and we observed these two types of switching in the different systems. For the hysteresis loops, we chose frequencies from 0.006 mHz to 2 mHz and maximum amplitudes from 150 mV up to 325 mV and compared the amplitudes of the resistance change.

[1] Chua et al. ’memristive devices and systems’, Proceedings of the IEEE, 64, 209-223, 1976

[2] Yuriy V Pershin and Massimiliano Di Ventra ’Memory effects in complex materials and nanoscale systems’, Advances in Physics, 60, 145-227, 2011

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