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DS: Fachverband Dünne Schichten

DS 12: Postersession DS

Montag, 7. März 2016, 17:00–19:00, Poster A

17:00 DS 12.1 Ultrathin multilayers grown by pulsed laser deposition — •Bea Jaquet, Christian Eberl, Florian Döring, and Hans-Ulrich Krebs
17:00 DS 12.2 Long term XPS analysis of Fe/GaAs(001) — •Karim Shamout, Dominique Krull, Philipp Espeter, Christoph Keutner, Ulf Berges, and Carsten Westphal
17:00 DS 12.3 Bi atoms mobility-driven self-organized circular domains at the Bi/InAs(111) interface — •Maria Christine Richter, Abdoul Gafoor, Laurent Nicolaï, Jan Minar, Jürgen Braun, Hubert Ebert, Uros Djukic, Olivier Heckmann, Jean-Michel Mariot, Nick Barett, Vitaly Feyer, Claus M Schneider, and Karol Hricovini
17:00 DS 12.4 Texture Optimization of the Binary Compound Sb2Te3 by Using UHV DC Magnetron Sputter Deposition — •Artur Romanov, Carolin C. Jacobi, Matthias M. Dück, and Matthias Wuttig
17:00 DS 12.5 RBS-Investigations of Mo-doped BiVO4 thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering — •Marie Mende, Emanuel Schmidt, Fuxian Wang, Klaus Ellmer, and Elke Wendler
17:00 DS 12.6 Twins and Strain in magnetron sputtered epitaxial perovskite oxide films — •Immo Bahns, Patrick Thiessen, Jörg Hoffmann, and Christian Jooß
17:00 DS 12.7 evaluation of structure and mechanical properties of Ni-rich/ Ti-rich NiTi thin film — •Maryam Mohri, Mahmoud Nili-ahmadabadi, Julia Ivanisenko, and Horst Hahn
17:00 DS 12.8 Control of octahedral rotations in LaNiO3/LaGaO3 superlattices via octahedral connectivity at heterointerfaces — •Haoyuan Qi, Michael Kinjanjui, Xiaodan Chen, Johannes Biskupek, Dorin Geiger, Eva Benckiser, Hanns-Ulrich Habermeier, Bernhard Keimer, and Ute Kaiser
17:00 DS 12.9 Ultrafast structural deformation studied by time-resolved x-ray diffraction — •Mathias Sander, Azize Koc, Christelle Kwamen, Matthias Reinhardt, Wolfram Leitenberger, Peter Gaal, and Matias Bargheer
17:00 DS 12.10 A critical look at the resolution function of a TOF neutron reflectometer and why we should care when we do GISANS experiments — •Jean-François Moulin and Sebastian Busch
17:00 DS 12.11 Towards Imaging of Defects in Diamond by High-Resolution TEM — •Robert Leiter, Haoyuan Qi, Johannes Biskupek, Boris Naydenov, Fedor Jelezko, and Ute Kaiser
17:00 DS 12.12 Kavitationserosion als Haftungstest für chromdotierte Aluminiumoxidschichten auf unterschiedlichen Substraten — •Ingo Erdmann, Friederike Deuerler, Ali Haligür und Volker Buck
17:00 DS 12.13 Drastic deviations from stoichiometry transfer during pulsed laser deposition — •Christina Klamt, Arne Dittrich, Christian Eberl, Susanne Schlenkrich, Felix Schlenkrich, Florian Döring, and Hans-Ulrich Krebs
17:00 DS 12.14 Phonon, structural and magnetic properties of ordered double perovskite A2BMnO6 (A=LaPrNdSmGdY, B=CoNi) thin films — •Christoph Meyer, Bernd Damaschke, Konrad Samwer, and Vasily Moshnyaga
17:00 DS 12.15 Raman spectroscopy of crystal field excitations and vibration modes in CePt5 surface layers — •Benedikt Halbig, Utz Bass, Martin Zinner, Kai Fauth, and Jean Geurts
17:00 DS 12.16 Evaluation of graphite defects by microscopic ellipsometry — •Shun Okano, Jana Kalbacova, Constance Schmidt, Christoph Günther, Raul D. Rodriguez, Elias Garratt, Babak Nikoobakht, Ovidiu D. Gordan, Angela R. Hight Walker, and Dietrich R. T. Zahn
17:00 DS 12.17 Raman spectroscopic investigations of Sr2IrO4 epitaxial thin films — •Cameliu Himcinschi, Chengliang Lu, Jens Kortus, and Marin Alexe
17:00 DS 12.18 Influence of Graphene on Charge Transfer between CoPc and Metals: The Role of Graphene-Substrate CouplingJohannes Uihlein, Małgorzata Polek, Mathias Glaser, Hilmar Adler, David Balle, Ruslan Ovsyannikov, •Milutin Ivanovic Ivanovic, Alexei B. Preobrajenski, Alexander V. Generalov, Thomas Chassé, and Heiko Peisert
17:00 DS 12.19 Controlling the energetics at the interface of p-doped low band gap polymer — •Milutin Ivanović, Heiko Peisert, and Thomas Chassé
17:00 DS 12.20 3D conformal deposition of ceramic layers on complex metallic tools and injection molds via chemical vapor deposition — •Tatiana Fedosenko-Becker, Friederike Deuerler, Gregor Fornalczyk, and Frank Mumme
17:00 DS 12.21 Scribing of CIGS thin film solar cells with 1550 nm nanosecond laser radiation — •Martin Ehrhardt, Klaus Zimmer, Pierre Lorenz, and Lukas Bayer
  17:00 DS 12.22 The contribution has been withdrawn (duplicate of DS 12.23).
17:00 DS 12.23 Magnetoresistance of devices directly written using a focused ion beam — •Vico Liersch, Tobias Warnatz, Sebastian Wintz, Gregor Hlawacek, Steffen Cornelius, Kay Potzger, Artur Erbe, Jürgen Lindner, Jürgen Fassbender, Wieland Zahn, Rantej Bali, and Sibylle Gemming
17:00 DS 12.24 Photo-induced dynamics in combined magnonic and phononic multilayer systems — •Markus Müller, Dennis Meyer, Henning Ulrichs, Maria Mansurova, Florian Döring, Jakob Walowski, and Markus Münzenberg
17:00 DS 12.25 Elastic dynamics in CoFeB/MgO multilayers: Excitation and suppression of THz phonons — •Dennis Meyer, Markus Müller, Henning Ulrichs, Maria Mansurova, Jakob Walowski, and Markus Münzenberg
17:00 DS 12.26 Tunnel diodes—A method to picture quantum correlations in disordered telluridesDominik Gholami Bajestani, •Henrik Padberg, Tobias Schäfer, and Matthias Wuttig
  17:00 DS 12.27 The contribution has been withdrawn.
17:00 DS 12.28 Using direct laser writing for photonic crystal structures in nanocrystal solar cells — •Stephan Dottermusch, Aina Quintilla, Guillaume Gomard, and Bryce Richards
17:00 DS 12.29 Investigation of thermoelectric properties of thin film chalcogenides — •Matteo Cagnoni and Matthias Wuttig
17:00 DS 12.30 Thermal Transport of Phase Change Materials and related Chalcogenides — •Daniel Führen, Matteo Cagnoni, and Matthias Wuttig
17:00 DS 12.31 Thermal Electron Emission from LaB6 und BaO in a Thermionic Set-Up — •Michael Hohage, Michael Schneiderbauer, Mariella Denk, Anna Steiner, Markus Gusenbauer, and Peter Zeppenfeld
17:00 DS 12.32 Thermal Characterisation of Ultrathin Complex Oxide Multilayers by the 3ω-Method — •Patrick Thiessen, Felix Rieger, Vladimir Roddatis, Immo Bahns, Christian Jooss, Oleg Shapoval, Alexandr Belenchuk, and Vasily Moshnyaga
17:00 DS 12.33 In-plane thermal conductivity of thin films measured by steady-state infrared thermography — •Anton Greppmair, Caroline Gerstberger, Benedikt Stoib, Nitin Saxena, Peter Müller-Buschbaum, Martin Stutzmann, and Martin S. Brandt
17:00 DS 12.34 Improving Thermoelectric Performance of TiNiSn by insertion of NiMnSb in the Half Heusler Structure — •Tanya Berry, Siham Ouardi, and Claudia Felser
17:00 DS 12.35 Relation between the symmetry of diperiodic atomic crystals and the existence of Dirac cones in their energy spectrum — •Vladimir Damljanovic and Rados Gajic
  17:00 DS 12.36 The contribution has been withdrawn.
17:00 DS 12.37 Growth of continuous hexagonal boron nitride on smooth Ni films — •Siamak Nakhaie, Joseph M. Wofford, Manfred Ramsteiner, Carsten Pfüller, Marcelo J. Lopes, and Henning Riechert
17:00 DS 12.38 Resistive switching phenomenon and hole wind effect in YBCO thin filmsMartin Truchly, •Elena Zhitlukhina, and Tomas Plecenik
17:00 DS 12.39 MgO barrier parameter and TMR of PLD grown magnetic tunnel junctions with zinc ferrite electrodes — •Michael Bonholzer, Daniel Splith, Michael Lorenz, and Marius Grundmann
17:00 DS 12.40 Investigations of defects in weakly damaged ion implanted GaAs — •Sascha Creutzburg, Emanuel Schmidt, Ingo Uschmann, and Elke Wendler
17:00 DS 12.41 Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) in Helium and Neon Ion MicroscopyDavid Dowsett, •Florian Vollnhals, Jean-Nicolas Audinot, and Tom Wirtz
17:00 DS 12.42 Implementation of a setup for ion energy and ion mass selective hyperthermal ion-beam assisted deposition of ultra-thin nitride films — •Philipp Schumacher, Jürgen W. Gerlach, Stephan Rauschenbach, and Bernd Rauschenbach
17:00 DS 12.43 Intense Electrospray Ionization Sources/Atmospheric Pressure Interfaces for Ion Beam Deposition — •Stephan Rauschenbach, Laurent Bernier, Matthias Pauly, and Julius Reiss
17:00 DS 12.44 Phase transition of pulsed laser deposition-deposited Ge2Sb2Te5 films induced by nano- and femtosecond single laser pulse irradiation — •Xinxing Sun, Martin Ehrhardt, Andriy Lotnyk, Erik Thelander, Jürgen W. Gerlach, Tomi Smausz, Ulrich Decker, and Bernd Rauschenbach
17:00 DS 12.45 Electronic Tuning in Phase Change Materials using Ionic Liquid Gating — •Bo Thöner, Hanno Volker, Tobias Schäfer, Peter Jost, Artur Romanov, and Matthias Wuttig
  17:00 DS 12.46 The contribution has been withdrawn (duplicate of DS 12.47).
17:00 DS 12.47 Spectroscopic near-field investigation of trigonally symmetric contrasts on solvothermally grown Sb2 Te3 platelets in the mid-infrared. — •Lars Mester, Martin Lewin, Tobias Saltzmann, Ulrich Simon, and Thomas Taubner
17:00 DS 12.48 Characterization of Ta2O5 and BaTiO3 based memristive systems — •Lauritz Schnatmann, Norman Shepheard, Stefan Niehörster, and Andy Thomas
17:00 DS 12.49 Molecular Dynamics Approach to Resistive Switching in Thin Film Systems — •Tobias Gergs, Sven Dirkmann, Frederik Schmidt, and Thomas Mussenbrock
17:00 DS 12.50 Impact of disorder on properties of phase change materials — •Felix vom Bruch, Strefan Jakobs, and Matthias Wuttig
17:00 DS 12.51 Designing new Phase Change Materials via Stoichiometry — •Stefan Jakobs, Alexander von Hoegen, and Matthias Wuttig
17:00 DS 12.52 Ion transport in memristive double barrier devices — •S. Dirkmann, J. Trieschmann, T. Gergs, E. Solan, M. Hansen, M. Ziegler, K. Ochs, H. Kohlstedt, and T. Mussenbrock
17:00 DS 12.53 Temperature-driven phase transition in V1−xMoxO2 thin films: Interplay of Structural and Electronic TransitionsSven Esser, Sebastian Merten, Christoph Meyer, and •Vasily Moshnyaga
17:00 DS 12.54 Phase Change Characteristics of Sn/Pb Chalcogenides — •Zheng Zeng, Stefan Jakobs, and Matthias Wuttig
17:00 DS 12.55 Ellipsometric characterization of doped SnOx layers for novel SPR-based gas sensors — •Daniel Fischer, Andreas Hertwig, Uwe Beck, Martin Kormunda, and Norbert Esser
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