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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 20: Posters - Physics of the Genesis of Life (Focus Session)

Dienstag, 21. März 2017, 14:00–16:00, P1A

14:00 BP 20.1 Chemically Driven Ligation Chain Reaction - Towards Protein-free Hypercycles in Sequence Space? — •Stefanie Leiner, Evgeniia Edeleva, and Dieter Braun
14:00 BP 20.2 Replicating codon sequences only with tRNASimon Lanzmich, Thomas Rind, and •Dieter Braun
14:00 BP 20.3 The efficiency of driving chemical reactions by a physical non-equilibrium is kinetically controlled — •Tobias Göppel, Vladimir V. Palyulin, and Ulrich Gerland
14:00 BP 20.4 Spatial organization of encapsulated circuits — •Aurore Dupin, Berta Tinao, and Friedrich C. Simmel
14:00 BP 20.5 Elucidating signatures of the genetic code with binding assays — •Evgeniia Edeleva, Philipp Schwintek, and Dieter Braun
14:00 BP 20.6 Peptide-based vesicles as precursors to protocells — •Kilian Vogele, Marisa Götzfried, Elisabeth Falgenhauer, Friedrich C. Simmel, and Tobias Pirzer
14:00 BP 20.7 Phospholipids and the prebiotic formation of vesicles — •Maria Tsanakopoulou, Cecile Caumes, Claudia Percivalle, Bhavesh Patel, Colm Duffy, and John Sutherland
14:00 BP 20.8 High-resolving chemical analysis of products formed under hydrothermal vent conditions — •Jessica Sobotta, Alexander Ruf, Wolfgang Eisenreich, Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin, and Claudia Huber
14:00 BP 20.9 Modeling a mechanism for pre-biotic selection and organization — •Varun Giri and Sanjay Jain
14:00 BP 20.10 Spatial fractionation of RNA in an inhomogeneous temperature gradient — •Prasanna Padmanaban, Juan Iglesias Artola, and Moritz Kreysing
14:00 BP 20.11 Strong accumulation in a 3D printed thermal trap — •Matthias Morasch, Jonathan Liu, Christof B. Mast, and Dieter Braun
14:00 BP 20.12 Microthermal Approaches to the Origin of Life — •Lorenz Keil, David Horning, Friederike Möller, and Dieter Braun
14:00 BP 20.13 Reversible cooperation of molecular replicators — •Georg Urtel, Thomas Rind, and Dieter Braun
14:00 BP 20.14 Globular Protein Design from Ancestral Supersecondary Structures — •Mohammad ElGamacy, Murray Coles, and Andrei Lupas
14:00 BP 20.15 On the Physical Origin of Biological Communication — •Matthias F. Schneider
14:00 BP 20.16 Reactivity of ribonucleotides in hydrothermal prebiotic conditions: an approach from ab-initio molecular dynamics and NMR experiments — •Andrea Pérez-Villa, Thomas Georgelin, Jean-François Lambert, Baptiste Rigaud, Marie-Christine Maurel, François Guyot, Marco Saitta, and Fabio Pietrucci
14:00 BP 20.17 Driving early biochemical reactions by the thermal accumulation of ATP over ADP/AMP? — •Alexandra Kühnlein, Christof B. Mast, Amelie Benk, Joachim P. Spatz, and Dieter Braun
14:00 BP 20.18 Temporal climatic fluctuations frozen into chemical non-equilibrium: appearance of high-energy biomolecules — •Jean-Francois Lambert, Maguy Jaber, Thomas Georgelin, Mariame Akouche, Yuriy Sakhno, and Marie-Christine Maurel
14:00 BP 20.19 Bridging the RNA and lipid worlds — •James Saenz
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