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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 20: Posters - Physics of the Genesis of Life (Focus Session)

BP 20.8: Poster

Dienstag, 21. März 2017, 14:00–16:00, P1A

High-resolving chemical analysis of products formed under hydrothermal vent conditions — •Jessica Sobotta1, Alexander Ruf2,3, Wolfgang Eisenreich1, Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin2,3, and Claudia Huber11Biochemistry, Technische Universität München, Garching Germany — 2Analytical BioGeoChemistry, Helmholtz Zentrum München, Munich Germany — 3Analytical Food Chemistry, Technische Universität München, Munich Germany

Hydrothermal vents offer a continuous supply of reactive nutrients which react with transition metal minerals. The combination of high pressure, a temperature gradient and a nearly neutral pH can lead to a high diversity of organic molecules including amino acids, hydroxy acids, fatty acids and small peptides [1-3]. In depth analysis of these complex reaction mixtures requires high-resolving analytical tools [4,5] and sophisticated approaches [6]. The combination of FT-ICR-MS, GC-MS and NMR methods have provided a complementary profile of the products for both low and high molecular weight compounds, including an unexpected variety of CHOS derivatives. In summary, high-resolving analytical methods expand our view into the fascinating chemistry of a potential origin of life scenario under hydrothermal vent conditions. [1] C. Huber, G. Wächtershäuser, Science (2006) 314:630-632. [2] C. Huber, W. Eisenreich et al. (2003) Science 301:938-940. [3] C. Scheidler, J. Sobotta et al. (2016) Sci. Rep. 6. [4] Schmitt-Kopplin et al. (2010) PNAS 107:2763-2768. [5] Popova et al. (2013) Science 342:1069-1073. [6] Tziotis et al. (2011) EJMS 17.4: 415-421

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