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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 24: Posters - Protein Structure and Dynamics

Dienstag, 21. März 2017, 14:00–16:00, P1A

14:00 BP 24.1 NMR Investigation of Protein Aggregation in Concentrated Solutions of Eye Lens Crystallins. — •Maria Camilles, Susanne Link, Alexey Krushelnitsky, Jochen Balbach, and Kay Saalwächter
14:00 BP 24.2 Molecular dynamics study of the mechanical stability of dimeric coiled-coils under strain — •Chuanfu Luo, Ana Vila Verde, and Reinhard Lipowsky
14:00 BP 24.3 Characterization of open and closed beta 2 glycoprotein I conformation — •Ina Buchholz, Peter Nestler, Florian Berg, and Mihaela Delcea
14:00 BP 24.4 Biophysical characterization of integrin alpha IIb-beta3 under physiological and stress conditions — •Una Janke, Peter Nestler, and Mihaela Delcea
14:00 BP 24.5 Identification of reaction coordinates for functional dynamics: understanding the molecular pacman T4 Lysozyme — •Matthias Ernst, Steffen Wolf, and Gerhard Stock
14:00 BP 24.6 Fast liquid DSC - a novel tool to study protein solutions — •Jana Rüdel, Patrizia Kruse, and Maria Ott
14:00 BP 24.7 Thermophoretic trapping of single moleculesTobias Thalheim, Marco Braun, Andreas Bregulla, and •Frank Cichos
14:00 BP 24.8 Small-angle X-ray scattering study of aqueous Trypsin solutions and the influence of pressure on interaction potential — •Jan Latarius, Julian Schulze, Michael Paulus, Christian Sternemann, Jan Nysar, Göran Surmeier, and Metin Tolan
14:00 BP 24.9 MD Simulation Studies of Protein Dynamics in Neutral Confinement — •Timothy Wohlfromm, Matthias Bartelmeß, Tatjana Thiel, and Michael Vogel
14:00 BP 24.10 Chiral effects in CH3->CF3 mutations in amino acids determine hydrophobicityJoao Robalo, Susanne Huhmann, Beate Koksch, and •Ana Vila Verde
14:00 BP 24.11 Metadynamics Simulations of the Fibrinogen Protomer — •Timo Schäfer, Lorenz Ripka, Friederike Schmid, and Giovanni Settanni
  14:00 BP 24.12 The contribution has been withdrawn.
14:00 BP 24.13 Polarization anisotropy of IR spectra reveals geometry of a protonated water cluster — •Jan Daldrop, Mattia Saita, Matthias Heyden, Joachim Heberle, and Roland Netz
14:00 BP 24.14 Global Langevin model of multidimensional biomolecular dynamics — •Benjamin Lickert, Norbert Schaudinnus, Mithun Biswas, and Gerhard Stock
14:00 BP 24.15 Temperature dependence of the self-diffusion of BSA in solution with trivalent ions — •Christian Beck, Michal Braun, Marco Grimaldo, Niina H. Jalavaro, Felix Roosen-Runge, Fajun Zhang, Tilo Seydel, and Frank Schreiber
14:00 BP 24.16 Effect of disulfide bridges on denatured protein dynamics investigated by neutron spin-echo spectroscopy — •Felix Ameseder, Aurel Radulescu, Peter Falus, Andreas Stadler, and Dieter Richter
14:00 BP 24.17 Principal Component Analysis of Circular Data: Theory and Application — •Florian Sittel, Thomas Filk, and Gerhard Stock
14:00 BP 24.18 The influence of non-Markovian effects on reaction coordinate quality — •Florian Brünig, Jan Daldrop, and Roland Netz
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