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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 48: Membranes and Vesicles II

Donnerstag, 23. März 2017, 09:30–13:00, HÜL 386

09:30 BP 48.1 Hauptvortrag: Shaping membranes: ENTH activity as a function of membrane tension — •Claudia Steinem, Martin Gleisner, Benjamin Kroppen, Nelli Teske, Andreas Janshoff, and Michael Meinecke
10:00 BP 48.2 Optical control of membrane permeability and fluidity with synthetic photoswitchable phospholipid molecules — •Stefanie Pritzl, Patrick Urban, James Frank, Carla Pernpeintner, Dirk Trauner, and Theobald Lohmüller
10:15 BP 48.3 Controlling Membrane Rigidity and Deformability of Giant Lipid Vesicles with Photoswitchable Lipid Molecules — •Christian Röske, Carla Pernpeintner, James Frank, Patrick Urban, Dirk Trauner, and Theobald Lohmüller
10:30 BP 48.4 Influence of Mono- and Divalent Ions on Cardiolipin Monolayers — •Renko Kensbock, Heiko Ahrens, and Christiane A. Helm
10:45 BP 48.5 Receptor distribution in supported lipid bilayer upon binding of norovirus like particle — •Nagma Parveen, Daniel Midtvedt, Vladimir Zhdanov, Gustaf Rydell, Vesa Hytonen, and Fredrik Höök
  11:00 30 min break
11:30 BP 48.6 Minimum-free-energy paths in membrane fusion: Coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations — •Yuliya Smirnova and Marcus Müller
11:45 BP 48.7 Lipid vesicle and SNARE-mediated membrane fusion studied by small-angle X-ray scattering — •Karlo Komorowski, Annalena Salditt, Yihui Xu, Halenur Yavuz, Reinhard Jahn, and Tim Salditt
12:00 BP 48.8 Scattering Study on Small Unilamellar DMPC-Vesicles Incorporating the Saponin Escin — •Carina Dargel, Ramsia Sreij, Aurel Radulescu, and Thomas Hellweg
12:15 BP 48.9 Hydrodynamic interactions nearby elastic cell membranes — •Abdallah Daddi-Moussa-Ider, Achim Guckenberger, and Stephan Gekle
12:30 BP 48.10 Optically active, self-assembled solid-state nanopores for single particle detection — •Andreas Schlegel, Paul V. Gwozdz, Christian Heyn, Wolfgang Hansen, and Robert H. Blick
12:45 BP 48.11 Adhesion ability of angiotensin II with model membranesJulia Preu, Louis Tiefenauer, and •Thomas Gutberlet
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