Dresden 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 22: Polymer Networks and Dynamics II: Structure and Dynamics

Dienstag, 21. März 2017, 09:30–12:45, ZEU 250

09:30 CPP 22.1 Local orientational mobility in regular fractal networks — •Maxim Dolgushev, Denis A. Markelov, Florian Fürstenberg, and Thomas Guérin
09:45 CPP 22.2 Dynamics of internally functionalized dendrimers — •Jonas Grimm and Maxim Dolgushev
10:00 CPP 22.3 Glassy dynamics in one- and two-dimensional nanometric confinement - a comparison — •Friedrich Kremer and Wycliffe K. Kipnusu
10:15 CPP 22.4 Tuning polymer dynamics by chain-end association — •Martin Treß, Kunyue Xing, Pengfei Cao, Shiwang Cheng, Tomonori Saito, Vladimir Novikov, and Alexei Sokolov
10:30 CPP 22.5 Cross-link fluctuations in entangled networks — •Michael Lang
10:45 CPP 22.6 A novel route towards entropic polymer separation — •Paolo Malgaretti
  11:00 15 min break
11:15 CPP 22.7 Hauptvortrag: Structure/dynamics interplay in interfacial layers: how adsorption influences thermal glass transition and segmental relaxation — •Simone Napolitano
11:45 CPP 22.8 Polymer films deposited on solid surfaces studied with mesoscopic and microscopic modelsJianguo Zhang, Debashish Mukherji, Kurt Kremer, and •Kostas Daoulas
12:00 CPP 22.9 EMC: A monte carlo scheme with energyconservation applied to a soft, coarse-grained model of polymers — •Marcel Langenberg
12:15 CPP 22.10 Hauptvortrag: Molecular-level framework for the dynamic mechanical response and yielding of polymer glasses — •Alessio Zaccone, Vladimir Palyulin, Chris Ness, Robert Elder, Rico Milkus, and Timothy Sirk
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