Dresden 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 94: Graphene: Electronic Properties, Structure and Substrate Interaction II

Donnerstag, 23. März 2017, 15:00–18:15, TRE Ma

15:00 O 94.1 Microscopic investigations of graphene grown on copper foil — •Philip Schädlich, Florian Speck, Julia Krone, Patrick Herlinger, Pranoti Kshirsagar, Martina Wanke, Jurgen Smet, and Thomas Seyller
15:15 O 94.2 Local electronic properties of the graphene-protected giant Rashba-split BiAg2 surface — •Julia Tesch, Milan Jubitz, Elena Voloshina, Yuriy Dedkov, and Mikhail Fonin
15:30 O 94.3 Controlling intramolecular hydrogen-transfer by electrostatic doping using gate-tunable STM — •Shai Mangel, Christian Dette, Katharina Polyudov, Paul Punke, Roberto Urcuyo, Marko Burghard, Soon Jung Jung, and Klaus Kern
15:45 O 94.4 Structure of pristine and hBN-embedded graphene quantum dots on Ir(111) — •Jiaqi Cai, Caio Silva, Wouter Jolie, Ferdinand Farwick zum Hagen, Christoph Schlueter, Tien-Lin Lee, and Carsten Busse
16:00 O 94.5 Investigation of Graphene using Simultaneous Scanning Tunneling/Atomic Force Microscopy — •Majid Fazeli Jadidi and Hakan Özgür Özer
16:15 O 94.6 Strong electron-phonon coupling in the σ band of grapheneFederico Mazzola, Thomas Frederiksen, Thiagarajan Balasubramanian, Philip Hofmann, •Bo Hellsing, and Justin W. Wells
16:30 O 94.7 Imaging Anisotropic Carrier Dynamics in Graphene — •Sven Aeschlimann, Mariana Chavez-Cervantes, Hubertus Bromberger, Razvan Krause, Ameer Al-Temimy, Camilla Coletti, Andrea Cavalleri, and Isabella Gierz
16:45 O 94.8 Quantifying electronic band interactions in van der Waals materials using angle-resolved reflected-electron spectroscopy — •Johannes Jobst, Alexander J. H. van der Torren, Eugene E. Krasovskii, Jesse Balgley, Cory R. Dean, Rudolf M. Tromp, and Sense Jan van der Molen
17:00 O 94.9 Magneto-optic effects of graphene at the carbon 1s edge on metallic substrates - theory and experiment — •Dominik Legut, Peter M. Oppeneer, Christine Jansing, Markus Gilbert, Andreas Gaupp, Hans-Christoph Mertins, Andrey Sokolov, Suk-Ho Choi, Hud Wahab, and Heiko Timmers
17:15 O 94.10 Bottom-up synthesis of graphene nanomembranes with tunable porosity — •Christof Neumann, Michael Mohn, Matthias Füser, David Kaiser, Ute Kaiser, Andreas Terfort, and Andrey Turchanin
17:30 O 94.11 tracking electron dynamics in graphene and TMDCs — •Cephise Cacho
17:45 O 94.12 Phase diagram of a graphene bilayer in the zero-energy Landau level — •Angelika Knothe and Thierry Jolicoeur
18:00 O 94.13 Graphene-multiferroic interfaces for spintronics applications — •Zeila Zanolli
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