Münster 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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T: Fachverband Teilchenphysik

T 115: Kalorimeter (gemeinsam mit HK)

T 115.1: Gruppenbericht

Donnerstag, 30. März 2017, 16:45–17:15, F 234

Final Design and Construction of the EMC for the PANDA Experiment — •Miriam Kümmel for the PANDA collaboration — Institut für Experimentalphysik I, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

The PANDA experiment is a key experiment at the future accelerator facility FAIR, under construction in Darmstadt, Germany. Open questions in hadron physics will be addressed by studying collisions of an antiproton beam with a fixed target at antiproton momenta between 1.5 GeV/c and 15 GeV/c.

An electromagnetic calorimeter (EMC) is used to determine the energy of electrons, positrons and photons. This information is essential to fully reconstruct the 4-momenta of all collision products. The homogeneous calorimeter is equipped with lead tungstate scintillation crystals, which were chosen due to their fast signal decay time, compactness as well as radiation hardness. The EMC is subdivided into a barrel part and two endcaps. The forward endcap will be exposed to the highest hit rates and radiation dose which puts very high demands on the performance of this subdetector. To increase the light yield, the electromagnetic calorimeter will be operated at -25°C.

This talk will provide an overview of the final design and construction status of the EMC. The mechanical support structure, the cooling system, the assembly of calorimeter subunits, the matching of crystals, photosensors and preamplifiers to achieve a homogeneous signal yield, the signal digitization as well as environmental and optical monitoring systems will be presented.

This project is supported by the BMBF.

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