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MO: Fachverband Molekülphysik

MO 22: Posters 3: Experimental and Theoretical Techniques and High Resolution Spectroscopy

Donnerstag, 8. März 2018, 16:15–18:15, Zelt West

16:15 MO 22.1 Fast-timing-readout for a micro-calorimeter particle detector — •Sebastian Spaniol, Oldřich Novotný, Steffen Allgeier, Christian Enss, Andreas Fleischmann, Lisa Gamer, Dennis Schulz, and Andreas Wolf
16:15 MO 22.2 Cost effective time-to-digital and high repetition rate boxcar averager for efficient signal processing — •Daniel Uhl, Lukas Bruder, Vladyslav Tyzhnevyi, Kambiz Mahboubi, and Frank Stienkemeier
16:15 MO 22.3 An electron UV/VIS-photon coincidence set-up using a magnetic bottle and a position sensitive photon detector — •Christian Ozga, Gregor Hartmann, Philipp Schmidt, Clemens Richter, Andreas Hans, Uwe Hergenhahn, Arno Ehresmann, and André Knie
16:15 MO 22.4 A magnetic bottle spectrometer for 2D electronic spectroscopy experiments in the gas phase — •Max Jakob, Lukas Bruder, Marcel Binz, Daniel Uhl, Ulrich Bangert, and Frank Stienkemeier
16:15 MO 22.5 New beamlines for molecular pump-probe experiments in the XUV and SXRMatthew Robinson, •Christian Matthaei, and Markus Gühr
  16:15 MO 22.6 The contribution has been withdrawn.
16:15 MO 22.7 Experimental set-up for electron impact induced luminescencespectroscopy of a liquid microjet — •Dana Bloß, Andreas Hans, Christian Ozga, Philipp Schmidt, Masatoshi Ukai, Arno Ehresmann, and André Knie
16:15 MO 22.8 TrapRemi - A Device to Investigate the Quantum Dynamics of Molecular Ions — •Frans Schotsch, Ludwig Hoibl, Denis Djendjur, and Robert Moshammer
16:15 MO 22.9 molecular frame young-type interference in (e, 2e) reactions on hydrogen molecule — •Enliang Wang, Xueguang Ren, Khokon Hossen, Xingyu Li, Xiangjun Chen, and Alexander Dorn
16:15 MO 22.10 Low-energy electron emission in strong-field photoionization of methane — •Martin Laux, Nicolas Camus, Yonghao Mi, Lutz Fechner, Robert Moshammer, and Thomas Pfeifer
16:15 MO 22.11 Fragmentation pathways of protonated nucleic acid building blocks — •Martin Pitzer, Christian Ozga, Catmarna Küstner-Wetekam, Philipp Reiß, Alexandre Giuliani, and Laurent Nahon
16:15 MO 22.12 Laser Induced Electron Diffraction on strongly aligned OCS molecules — •Philipp M. Stammer, Evangelos Thomas Karamatskos, Sebastian Raabe, Gildas Goldsztejn, Andrea Trabattoni, Terence Mullins, Sebastian Trippel, Arnaud Rouzée, and Jochen Küpper
16:15 MO 22.13 Vibrationally resolved electron-nuclear energy sharing in above-threshold multiphoton dissociation of CO — •Xufei Sun
16:15 MO 22.14 Improved virtual orbitals for charge transfer excitations in time dependent DFT — •Rolf Würdemann and Michael Walter
16:15 MO 22.15 Predicting para-ortho conversion in ammonia — •Guang Yang, Ingmar Hartl, Andrey Yachmenev, and Jochen Küpper
16:15 MO 22.16 Coupling of the 2 2 Σ + and 1 2 Π of LiSr — •Erik Schwanke, Julia Gerschmann, Horst Knöckel, Silke Ospelkaus, and Eberhard Tiemann
16:15 MO 22.17 High-resolution spectroscopy of tritiated water and analysis of the 2ν1 mode of HTO — •Johannes Müller, Magnus Schlösser, Frank Hase, Nicolas Ziegler, Robin Größle, David Hillesheimer, and Johannes Orphal
16:15 MO 22.18 Absorption spectroscopy on KCa — •Julia Gerschmann, Erik Schwanke, Horst Knöckel, Silke Ospelkaus, Asen Pashov, and Eberhard Tiemann
16:15 MO 22.19 Electronic structure investigations on mono- and binu-clear transition metal complexes — •Tatjana Wall, Louis Oberweis, Marko Leist, Werner Thiel, and Markus Gerhards
16:15 MO 22.20 Ionization Loss/Gain Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy of isolated molecules in the gas phase: diphenyl ether and bisphenyldiadamantane — •Dominique Maué, Anke Stamm, Dominic Bernhard, Andrey Fokin, Peter Schreiner und Markus Gerhards
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