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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 52: Biomaterials and biopolymers I (joint session BP/CPP)

Donnerstag, 4. April 2019, 09:30–12:45, H10

09:30 CPP 52.1 A unifying perspective on rigidity in under-constrained materials — •Matthias Merkel, Karsten Baumgarten, Brian Tighe, and Lisa Manning
09:45 CPP 52.2 Heat and light - non-equilibrium tools to break early symmetryMatthias Morasch, Corinna Kufner, Stefan Krebs, Hannes Mutschler, Wolfgang Zinth, Dieter Braun und •Christof Mast
10:00 CPP 52.3 Kinetic Control of Peptide Self Assembly Pathways — •Joshua T. Berryman and Ali Asghar Hakami Zanjani
10:15 CPP 52.4 Early Stage Self Assembly of Flexible Peptides — •Ali Asghar Hakami Zanjani and Joshua T. Berryman
10:30 CPP 52.5 The force spectroscopy of a biomimetic polymer in molecular simulations via perturbation theory — •Aviel Chaimovich, Christian Leitold, Kurt Kremer, and Christoph Dellago
10:45 CPP 52.6 Heated microbubbles condense and encapsulate prebiotic molecules and enhance ribozymatic activity — •Matthias Morasch, Alan Ianeselli, Alexandra Kühnlein, Saidul Islam, Kristian Le Vay, Hannes Mutschler, Matthew W. Powner, Christof B. Mast, and Dieter Braun
  11:00 15 minutes break.
11:15 CPP 52.7 Mechanical properties of UV-irradiated collagen fibrils studied with atomic force microscopy — •Marcus Schulze, Melanie Rogge, and Robert Stark
11:30 CPP 52.8 The effect of surface functionalization and pH on protein-gold nanoparticle interactions — •Brahmaiah Meesaragandla, Isabel Garcia, Luis.M Liz-Marzán, and Mihaela Delcea
11:45 CPP 52.9 Temperature dependence of the elastic modulus of vapor deposited phospholipid bilayers on solid substratesMaria J. Retamal, •Rodrigo Catalan, Marcelo Cisternas, Nicolas Moraga, Diego Diaz, Tomas P. Corrales, Mark Busch, Patrick Huber, Marco Soto-Arriaza, and Ulrich G. Volkmann
12:00 CPP 52.10 Sequence effects on size, shape, and structural heterogeneity in Intrinsically Disordered Proteins — •Upayan Baul, Debayan Chakraborty, Mauro L. Mugnai, John E. Straub, Devarajan Thirumalai, and Joachim Dzubiella
12:15 CPP 52.11 Co-survival and competition relationship between bacteria analyzed in millifluidic droplet sequence — •Xinne Zhao, Larysa Baraban, and Gianaurelio Cuniberti
12:30 CPP 52.12 Collagen gels determine the viscoelastic properties of tissue without hindering the diffusion of the aqueous solventFrank Sauer, Linda Oswald, Angela Ariza de Schellenberger, Heiko Tzschätzsch, •Felix Schrank, Tony Fischer, Jürgen Braun, Claudia T. Mierke, Rustem Valiullin, Ingolf Sack, and Josef A. Käs
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