Regensburg 2019 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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DY: Fachverband Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 50: Poster: Nonlinear Systems, Patterns, Flows ..

Donnerstag, 4. April 2019, 15:00–18:00, Poster B2

15:00 DY 50.1 Relaxation of hydrogen bond network in water subject to an E-field — •Andreas Baer, David Matthew Smith, and Ana-Sunčana Smith
15:00 DY 50.2 Reduced order model for the velocity gradient dynamics in fully developed turbulence — •Leonhard A. Leppin and Michael Wilczek
15:00 DY 50.3 Synchronization in optical neurons — •Felix Köster, Benjamin Lingnau, Philipp Hövel, and Kathy Lüdge
15:00 DY 50.4 Simulation of horizontally rotating compressible convection: Towards the Boussinesq limit — •Kevin Lüdemann and Andreas Tilgner
15:00 DY 50.5 Dynamics of magnetic gears — •Stefan Hartung, Simeon Völkel, and Ingo Rehberg
15:00 DY 50.6 Evolving Transport Networks — •Janosch Brandhorst and Pawel Romanczuk
15:00 DY 50.7 Work statistics in the classical periodically driven anharmonic oscillator — •Mattes Heerwagen and Andreas Engel
15:00 DY 50.8 Met Mast Array to measure high temporal and spatial resolution wind fields — •Abdulkarim Abdulrazek, Joachim Peinke, and Michael Hölling
  15:00 DY 50.9 The contribution has been withdrawn.
15:00 DY 50.10 Wasserklangbilder — •Carla Corsi, Thomas Grillenbeck und Michael Memminger
15:00 DY 50.11 Semi-classical treatment of chaotic systems — •Sebastian Rosmej
15:00 DY 50.12 Controlling soliton molecules: Driven vibrations and separation switching — •Felix Kurtz, Claus Ropers, and Georg Herink
15:00 DY 50.13 Minkowski Tensors: Robust and Versatile Shape Descriptors — •Fabian Schaller, Michael Klatt, and Sebastian Kapfer
15:00 DY 50.14 Effective Large-Scale Equations in a Model of Passive Scalar Turbulence — •Tobias Bätge and Michael Wilczek
15:00 DY 50.15 Criticality in high-degree networks — •Lorenz Baumgarten and Stefan Bornholdt
15:00 DY 50.16 Estimating low dimensional dynamical models for molecules — •Max Philipp Holl and Oliver Kamps
15:00 DY 50.17 Complex Data Workflow Management using CaosDB — •Alexander Schlemmer, Henrik tom Wörden, Timm Fitschen, Daniel Hornung, Ulrich Parlitz, and Stefan Luther
15:00 DY 50.18 Die Kräfte beim Auseinanderziehen von ineinanderlegen Telefonbüchern — •Anna Treffurth und Thomas Grillenbeck
15:00 DY 50.19 Wind speed modeling by nested ARIMA processes — •So-Kumneth Sim, Philipp Maass, and Pedro Lind
  15:00 DY 50.20 The contribution has been withdrawn.
15:00 DY 50.21 Stable subharmonic patterns in spatially modulated phase separation — •Frederik Thomsen, Mirko Ruppert, and Walter Zimmermann
15:00 DY 50.22 Orientation and coexistence of stripe patterns in small rectangular domains — •Mirko Ruppert and Walter Zimmermann
15:00 DY 50.23 Rectangular wrinkle patterns in modulated skin layers on compliant substrates — •Nancy Mejia Villagran, Fabian Bergmann, Lisa Rapp, and Walter Zimmermann
15:00 DY 50.24 Transition from nonlinear traveling to standing waves in confined systems — •Samuel Grimm, Fabian Bergmann, Lisa Rapp, and Walter Zimmermann
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