Regensburg 2019 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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DY: Fachverband Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 52: Poster: Active Matter, Microswimmer, Microfluidics

Donnerstag, 4. April 2019, 15:00–18:00, Poster B2

15:00 DY 52.1 Active Rotation of Janus particles — •Burelbach Jérôme and Stark Holger
15:00 DY 52.2 Motion of fronts and clusters in an active Allen-Cahn model — •Fenna Stegemerten and Uwe Thiele
15:00 DY 52.3 Probing the Dynamics of Self-Electrophoretic Swimmers using Lattice Boltzmann — •Michael Kuron, Georg Rempfer, Joost de Graaf, and Christian Holm
15:00 DY 52.4 Antimargination of microparticles and platelets in branching vessels — •Christian Bächer, Alexander Kihm, Lukas Schrack, Lars Kaestner, Matthias W. Laschke, Christian Wagner, and Stephan Gekle
15:00 DY 52.5 The role of inertia in active nematic turbulence — •Colin-Marius Koch and Michael Wilczek
15:00 DY 52.6 Validity of the low Reynolds number approximation for collective microswimmer hydrodynamics — •Jan Cammann, Jörn Dunkel, Jonasz Słomka, and Michael Wilczek
15:00 DY 52.7 Shape-anisotropic microswimmers: Influence of hydrodynamics — •Arne W. Zantop and Holger Stark
15:00 DY 52.8 Measurement of the fluid-flow-field generated by an attached self-thermo-phoretic micro swimmer — •Nicola Söker and Frank Cichos
15:00 DY 52.9 Polarization of Brownian swimmers with spatially heterogeneous activity — •Sven Auschra, Nicola Söker, Paul Cervenak, Viktor Holubec, Klaus Kroy, and Frank Cichos
15:00 DY 52.10 Brownian molecules formed by delayed harmonic interactions — •Daniel Geiß and Viktor Holubec
15:00 DY 52.11 Isotropic - Nematic Phase Transition of Active Rods — •Felix Winterhalter and Matthieu Marechal
15:00 DY 52.12 Passive swimming of deformable particles in shaken fluidsMatthias Laumann, •Andre Förtsch, Eva Kanso, and Walter Zimmermann
15:00 DY 52.13 Oscillatory bifurcations in active particle systems — •Andreas Förtsch, Fabian Bergmann, Lisa Rapp, and Walter Zimmermann
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