Regensburg 2019 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 12: Nanostructures at Surfaces II: Designer Structures and Surfaces

Montag, 1. April 2019, 15:00–17:45, H15

15:00 O 12.1 Hauptvortrag: Nanoscale engineering at surfaces — •F Stefan Tautz
15:30 O 12.2 The electrostatic potential of atomic chains and clusters imaged quantitatively with scanning quantum dot microscopyPhilipp Leinen, •Rustem Bolat, Ruslan Temirov, F. Stefan Tautz, and Christian Wagner
15:45 O 12.3 Low temperature chemical vapor deposition of ZnO nanowire arrays for field emission applications — •Carina Hedrich, Stefanie Haugg, Robert H. Blick, and Robert Zierold
16:00 O 12.4 X-ray Photoelectron Diffraction and Spectroscopic Investigation of Near-Surface Alloying of Cu/Au(111)
— •David Batchelor, Federico Grillo, Rory Megginson, Matthias Muntwiler, and Christopher J. Baddeley
16:15 O 12.5 Femtosecond laser generation of microbumps and nanojets on single and bilayer Cu/Ag thin films — •Aida Naghiou, Miao He, Jasmin S. Schubert, Leonid V. Zhigilei, and Wolfgang Kautek
16:30 O 12.6 Structural and electronic characterization of Eu-doped Bi2Te3 epitaxial films — •Celso I. Fornari, Hendrik Bentmann, Thiago R. F. Peixoto, Paulo Rappl, Eduardo Abramof, Sérgio Morelhão, Martin Kamp, and Friedrich Reinert
16:45 O 12.7 Characterization of the optical Kerr-Effect in CsPbBr3-perovskite films — •Daniel Frese, Linghai Meng, Haizheng Zhong, and Thomas Zentgraf
17:00 O 12.8 Revealing the influence of structural disorder in plasmonic systems — •Ediz Herkert, Florian Sterl, Steffen Both, Thomas Weiss, and Harald Giessen
17:15 O 12.9 Nanostructuring new optical materials using BCML and RIE methods — •Louise Kaeswurm, Zhaolu Diao, Klaus Weishaupt, and Joachim Spatz
17:30 O 12.10 Development of Nanoporous & Mesoporous materials for Environmental Applications — •Chamila Gunathilake
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