Regensburg 2019 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 47: Poster Tuesday: Scanning Probe Techniques

Dienstag, 2. April 2019, 18:00–20:00, Poster D

18:00 O 47.1 Simulation of STM images and spectroscopy of single nitrogen-doped molecules with 5-7 membered rings on Au(111) surfaces — •Seddigheh Nikipar, Dmitry A. Ryndyk, Sibylle Gemming, Francesca Moresco, Gianaurelio Cuniberti, and Thomas Frauenheim
18:00 O 47.2 Nano-manipulation on the polymer surfaces using functionalized AFM probes — •Tunç Çiftçi, Laurent Pham Van, Oleg Kurnosikov, and Bert Koopmans
18:00 O 47.3 High resolution imaging of organic molecules using Q-controlled amplitude modulation atomic force microscopy with CO-functionalized tips — •Daniel Martin-Jimenez, Alexander Ihle, Sebastian Ahles, Hermann A. Wegner, Andre Schirmeisen, and Daniel Ebeling
18:00 O 47.4 Quantitative Kelvin probe force microscopy on nanoscale devicesAmelie Axt, Ilka M Hermes, Rüdiger Berger, and •Stefan A.L. Weber
18:00 O 47.5 Optimization of the energy resolution and RF capability of a 30 mK dilution refrigerator scanning tunneling microscope — •Manuel Steinbrecher, Henning von Allwörden, Andreas Eich, Jan Gerritsen, Fabian D. Natterer, Daniel Wegner, and Alexander A. Khajetoorians
18:00 O 47.6 Automated Laboratory Monitoring based on the Internet of Things — •Nicolaj Betz, Max Hänze, Luigi Malavolti, Gregory McMurtrie, and Sebastian Loth
18:00 O 47.7 Modelling Photo-Assisted Scanning Tunneling Microscopy — •Ole Bunjes, Benjamin Schröder, Lara Wimmer, Claus Ropers, and Martin Wenderoth
18:00 O 47.8 Atomic Manipulation in NC-AFM Experiments: The Influence of the Chemical Tip Termination — •Damla Yesilpinar, Alexander Timmer, Bertram Schulze Lammers, Harald Fuchs, and Harry Mönig
18:00 O 47.9 dS11/dV spectroscopy and imaging of buried nanostructures — •Alexander Kölker, Georg Gramse, Matthias Koch, Ferry Kienberger, and Neil Curson
18:00 O 47.10 A cryogen-free low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope — •Lukas Arnhold, Gregory McMurtrie, Stephan Spieker, Luigi Malavolti, and Sebastian Loth
18:00 O 47.11 Temperature dependence of directional nanofriction on NaCl — •Jennifer Konrad, Dirk Dietzel, and Andre Schirmeisen
18:00 O 47.12 Three dimensional tracing of the trajectory of a charged particle by electrostatic detection — •Erdem Genc, Doris Tarasevitch, Tobias Roos, Detlef Utzat, Hermann Nienhaus, and Rolf Möller
18:00 O 47.13 Space and time-resolved unidirectional switching of single molecules — •Thomas Buchner, Dominik Peller, Lukas Kastner, Rupert Huber, and Jascha Repp
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