Regensburg 2019 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 68: Poster Wednesday: Nanostructures

Mittwoch, 3. April 2019, 17:45–20:00, Poster B2

17:45 O 68.1 Simulation of Brass Nanoparticles using a Neural Network Potential — •Jan Weinreich, Martín Leandro Paleico, and Jörg Behler
17:45 O 68.2 Iridium dioxide catalysts for water electrolysis - From Wulff shape to atomic structure and beyond — •Jakob Timmermann, Daniel Opalka, Christoph Scheurer, and Karsten Reuter
17:45 O 68.3 Cluster-surface interaction of plasmonic silver particles on silicon — •Katharina Engster, Kevin Oldenburg, Jean Lermé, Sylvia Speller, and Ingo Barke
17:45 O 68.4 Growth and Morphology of Metal Clusters on HOPG — •christophe nacci, alexander schiffmann, Florian Lackner, Philipp Thaler, Wolfgang E. Ernst, and Leonhard Grill
17:45 O 68.5 Manipulation of silver clusters in Ionic Liquids via added ligands. — •David Mönkebüscher, Alexander Kononov, Philippe Poulet, and Heinz Hövel
17:45 O 68.6 Mass selected iron clusters on thin oxide films — •Kevin Foryt, Alexander Kononov, Dominik Wolter, and Heinz Hövel
17:45 O 68.7 An effective nanopatterning strategy for controllable fabrication of high-density sub-3-nm gaps — •Qun Fu, Huaping Zhao, and Yong Lei
17:45 O 68.8 Fabrication of metallic microstructures on optical fibers — •Alexander Faßbender and Stefan Linden
17:45 O 68.9 Chemical properties of metal-silicates rendered by metal exchange reaction — •Franz Königer, Roberto C. Longo, Peter Thissen, and Alexei Nefedov
17:45 O 68.10 Mechanism of SeOx2- Immobilization by δ-Bi2O3 Microsphere with Surface Oxygen Vacancies — •Long Liu, Huaping Zhao, Chenglin Zhang, Yang Xu, Dongjiang Yang, and Yong Lei
17:45 O 68.11 Dielectric Waveguide Fabrication by Direct Laser Writing — •Frank Brückerhoff-Plückelmann, Alexander Fassbender, and Stefan Linden
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