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HK: Fachverband Physik der Hadronen und Kerne

HK 51: Poster (a)

HK 51.29: Poster

Donnerstag, 2. April 2020, 16:30–18:30, Zelt

Optics Study for Differential Pumping and Beaming Cancellation for PUMAAudric Husson, •Clara Klink, and Alexandre Obertelli for the PUMA collaboration — TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany

The PUMA (AntiProton Unstable Matter Annihilation) project at CERN focuses on observing the ratio of neutrons to protons in the nuclear density tail of exotic nuclei using antiprotons. The antiprotons will be accumulated at the deceleration ring ELENA, where up to one billion antiprotons will be trapped and stored in the Penning trap of PUMA, and then transported to ISOLDE. At ISOLDE, annihilations between the antiprotons and nucleons in the nuclear density tail are investigated. The antiproton storage trap operates at extreme high vacuum (XHV). PUMA requires a vacuum of 10−11 mbar at the entrance of the device. A differential pumping is needed to isolate PUMA from the ISOLDE beam line at approx. 10−6 mbar. The beaming effect of the differential pumping system shapes the residual gas velocity towards the beam line direction and therefore increases the flux of neutral particles towards the PUMA trap. This effect has to be cancelled to reduce the amount of residual gas entering the PUMA trap and to avoid unwanted annihilations of antiprotons with neutral particles. In this poster, preliminary beam-optics simulations for a differential pumping section of the beam line designed to reduced beaming of neutral particles are presented.

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