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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 70: Hybrid Perovskite and Photovoltaics II (joint session CPP/HL)

CPP 70.3: Vortrag

Mittwoch, 18. März 2020, 15:30–15:45, ZEU 260

Electronic structure nonionic surfactant-mixed PEDOT:PSS and its effects on perovskite solar cells — •Dongguen Shin1,2,3, Donghee Kang3, Na Eun Jung3, and Yeonjin Yi31Institut für Physik & IRIS Adelershof, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Brook-Taylor Straße 6, 12489 Berlin, Germany — 2Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH, Albert-Einstein-Straße 15, 12489 Berlin, Germany — 3Institute of Physics and Applied Physics, Yonsei University, 50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemoon-Gu, Seoul 03722, Republic of Korea

PEDOT:PSS, generally used hole transport layer, has the limitation of increasing the performance of perovskite solar cells (PSCs) due to its semi-metallic properties. One of the manners of tailoring the electronic properties of PEDOT:PSS is mixing of the nonionic surfactant (e.g. Triton X-100 (TX)) into PEDOT:PSS, which supposedly get the affirmative impact on the charge extraction and exciton quenching at the interface. In this work, we explore the electronic structure of PEDOT:PSS with nonionic surfactant TX mixture by using the X-ray and ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS, UPS) measurement, and investigate the power conversion efficiency (PCE) enhancement of perovskite solar cells (PSCs) by using the mixture of PEDOT:PSS and TX surfactant in PSCs. we reveal that it led to the prevention of interfacial recombination as the insulating tunneling layer without energetic junction loss at the interface MAPbI3 with PEDOT:PSS. Consequently, we establish an efficient charge extraction condition without the interfacial recombination on PSCs.

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