Dresden 2020 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 93: Scanning Probe Techniques II: Method development (joint session O/CPP)

Donnerstag, 19. März 2020, 10:30–12:45, WIL C107

10:30 CPP 93.1 Identifying the atomic configuration of the tip apex using STM and FM-AFM with CO on Pt(111) — •Oliver Gretz, Alfred J. Weymouth, and Franz. J. Giessibl
10:45 CPP 93.2 Atomic Force Microscopy study of the complex surface unit cell of CaF2(111) with a CO-terminated tip — •Alexander Liebig, Prokop Hapala, Alfred J. Weymouth, and Franz J. Giessibl
11:00 CPP 93.3 Tip induced configuration change of a CO molecule on a copper surface — •Norio Okabayashi, Thomas Frederiksen, and Franz J. Giessibl
11:15 CPP 93.4 Nonequilibrium Bond Forces in Single-Molecule JunctionsJonathan Brand, Susanne Leitherer, Nick R. Papior, •Nicolas Néel, Yong Lei, Mads Brandbyge, and Jörg Kröger
11:30 CPP 93.5 Electrostatic Force Separation in Electrochemical Strain Microscopy — •Sebastian Badur, Diemo Renz, Thomas Göddenhenrich, Bernhard Roling, and André Schirmeisen
11:45 CPP 93.6 Sensing with an ultra-sensitive cantilever — •Marc-Dominik Krass, Urs Grob, Raphael Pachlatko, Alexander Eichler, and Christian Degen
12:00 CPP 93.7 Coupling broadband single-cycle THz pulses from a spintronic emitter to an STM junction — •Melanie Müller, Natalia Martín Sabanés, Sarojini Mahajan, and Martin Wolf
12:15 CPP 93.8 Single Asperity Sliding Friction across the Superconducting Phase TransitionWen Wang, •Dirk Dietzel, and Andre Schirmeisen
12:30 CPP 93.9 Non-contact heat transfer between metallic surfaces — •Paul Philip Schmidt and Carsten Henkel
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