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DY: Fachverband Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 53: Poster: Quantum Dynamics, Chaos and Information; Many Body Systems

Donnerstag, 19. März 2020, 15:00–18:00, P1A

15:00 DY 53.1 Thermalization properties of a system with topological flat bands and impurities — •Stefan kleine Brüning and Thomas Dahm
15:00 DY 53.2 Wave Functions in White Noise Potential: Spreading or Localization? — •Marco Hofmann and Barbara Drossel
15:00 DY 53.3 Sources and coupling in billiards for light — •Marika Federer, Rebecca Cizek, Michel Hendriks, Jule Katharina Schnepfer, Martí Bosch, Jakob Kreismann, Jaewon Kim, and Martina Hentschel
15:00 DY 53.4 A PT-Symmetric Kicked Rotor — •Joseph Hall and Eva-Maria Graefe
15:00 DY 53.5 Structure of resonance eigenfunctions for chaotic systems with partial escape — •Konstantin Clauß, Eduardo Altmann, Arnd Bäcker, and Roland Ketzmerick
15:00 DY 53.6 Real-time dynamics and thermalization of quantum-classical hybrid systems — •Nicolas Lenzing and Michael Potthoff
15:00 DY 53.7 Violation of eigenstate thermalization in an interacting flat-band system — •Mirko Daumann and Thomas Dahm
15:00 DY 53.8 Fermionic duality beyond weak coupling: General simplifications of open-system dynamics — •Valentin Bruch, Konstantin Nestmann, Maarten Wegewijs, Jens Schulenborg, and Janine Splettstoesser
15:00 DY 53.9 Many-Body Localization in the Hartree-Fock Approximation — •Paul Pöpperl, Elmer Doggen, Konstantin Tikhonov, Igor Gornyi, and Alexander Mirlin
15:00 DY 53.10 Prediction of Floquet oscillations and Zitterbewegung in driven Dirac systems — •Vanessa Junk, Phillipp Reck, Cosimo Gorini, and Klaus Richter
15:00 DY 53.11 Dynamics of visons in weakly perturbed Kitaev models — •Aprem Joy and Achim Rosch
15:00 DY 53.12 Interplay of quantization and chaotic behaviour in ring-coupled condensates — •Damian Wozniak, Johann Kroha, and Anna Posazhennikova
15:00 DY 53.13 Partial transport barriers in 4D symplectic maps — •Markus Firmbach, Arnd Bäcker, and Roland Ketzmerick
15:00 DY 53.14 Entanglement in integrable-chaotic bipartite systems — •Maximilian Kieler and Arnd Bäcker
15:00 DY 53.15 Entanglement in coupled kicked tops with chaotic dynamics — •Tabea Herrmann, Maximilian Kieler, Felix Fritzsch, and Arnd Bäcker
15:00 DY 53.16 Resonance–Assisted Tunneling in Deformed Optical Microdisks with a Mixed Phase Space — •Felix Fritzsch, Roland Ketzmerick, and Arnd Bäcker
15:00 DY 53.17 Relaxation dynamics in a Hubbard dimer coupled to fermionic baths: phenomenological vs. microscopic description — •Eric Kleinherbers, Nikodem Szpak, Jürgen König, and Ralf Schützhold
15:00 DY 53.18 Towards a numerical implementation of the Quench Action Approach — •Philipp Jaeger, Andreas Klümper, and Jesko Sirker
15:00 DY 53.19 Disentanglement Approach to Many-Body Quantum Spin Systems — •Stefano De Nicola
15:00 DY 53.20 Performance of locally purified TN states as Ansatz-class for physical systems — •Lennart Bittel, Albert H. Werner, and Martin Kliesch
15:00 DY 53.21 Rydberg Composites — •Matthew Eiles, Andrew Hunter, Alexander Eisfeld, and Jan-Michael Rost
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