Dresden 2020 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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DY: Fachverband Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 56: Poster: Glasses; Granular Matter; Brownian Motion and Anomalous Diffusion

Donnerstag, 19. März 2020, 15:00–18:00, P1A

15:00 DY 56.1 Stationary current in the open Bose-Hubbard chainAnna Bychek, Pavel Muraev, Dmitrii Maksimov, and •Andrey Kolovsky
15:00 DY 56.2 Analytical theory for predicting variations of activation energies in mixed glass former glasses — •Julian Fischer, Marco Bosi, and Philipp Maass
15:00 DY 56.3 Collective single-file transport in periodic potentials — •Dominik Lips, Artem Ryabov, and Philipp Maass
15:00 DY 56.4 The role of initial speed in projectile impacts into light granular media — •Kai Huang, Dariel Hernadez Delfin, Felix Rech, Valentin Dichtl, and Raul Cruz Hidalgo
15:00 DY 56.5 Interpreting impedance spectroscopy data by using Poisson-Nernst-Planck anomalous modelsErvin K. Lenzi, Luiz R. Evangelista, Leila Taghizadeh, Daniel Pasterk, Rafael S. Zola, Trifce Sandev, Clemens Heitzinger, and •Irina Petreska
15:00 DY 56.6 Diffusion in combs with stochastic resetting — •Viktor Domazetoski, Axel Masó-Puigdellosas, Trifce Sandev, Vicenç Méndez, Alexander Iomin, and Ljupco Kocarev
15:00 DY 56.7 Unknotting of quasi-two-dimensional ferrogranular networks by in-plane homogeneous magnetic fieldsPedro A. Sanchez, Justus Miller, Sofia S. Kantorovich, and •Reinhard Richter
15:00 DY 56.8 System size scaling of a model glass under shear — •Moumita Maiti, Lawrence Smith, and Andreas Heuer
15:00 DY 56.9 Accurate determination of local properties in 2D particulate systems using Set Voronoi tessellation — •Simeon Völkel and Kai Huang
15:00 DY 56.10 Superdiffusion in Kac-Zwanzig heat baths — •Paul Ledwon and Igor Sokolov
15:00 DY 56.11 Angle of repose of granular materials: Analytical expression from Molecular Dynamic simulationsFilip Elekes and •Eric Josef Ribeiro Parteli
15:00 DY 56.12 Coexistence of fixed and active dunes from numerical simulationsMaria Determann and •Eric Josef Ribeiro Parteli
15:00 DY 56.13 Athermal Jamming for particles with exponentially decreasing repulsions — •Nicolas Wohlleben and Michael Schmiedeberg
15:00 DY 56.14 Polybutadiene confined in alumina pore — •Lama Tannoury and Wolfgang Paul
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