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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 76: Poster IIIC

Donnerstag, 19. März 2020, 15:00–17:30, P2/4OG

This poster session includes contributions from the following topics:

- Perovskites and photovoltaics - Organic semiconductors - Ultra-fast phenomena

Please put up your poster at the beginning of the session and remove the poster immediately after the session. The person peresenting the poster should attend it for at least half of the session duration and indicate the time when to find him/her at the poster.

15:00 HL 76.1 Collective effects of polyaromatitc molecules embedded in rare gas matrices — •Moritz Michelbach, Matthias Bohlen, Rupert Michiels, and Frank Stienkemeier
15:00 HL 76.2 Laser-induced nonthermal diffusion of impurities and vacancies in Silicon — •Christelle Inès Kana Mebou, Tobias Zier, and Martin Garcia
15:00 HL 76.3 Electrochemical and Spectroelectrochemical Characterization of Methoxylated and Fluorinated Bis(bis(8−quinolinyl)amide)2metal(II) Complexes — •Sophie Göbel, Thi Hai Quyen Nguyen, Harald Locke, Peter R. Schreiner, and Derck Schlettwein
15:00 HL 76.4 Lanthanide Doping of the Double Perovskite Cs2AgBiBr6 — •Gioele Conforto, Jonas Horn, Fabian Schmitz, Teresa Gatti, and Derck Schlettwein
15:00 HL 76.5 Light and electron beam induced current analysis of perovskite solar cells — •Felix Müller, Tobias Westphal, and Michael Seibt
15:00 HL 76.6 Temperature-Depandent Impedance Spectroscopy of a Transition Metal Oxide Perovskite HeterojunctionMichael Seibt, Christian Jooss, Tobias Meyer, Birte Kressdorf, and •Mucun Yang
15:00 HL 76.7 Optical properties of metal-organic-bis(8-quinolinyl)amide complexes — •Nicolas Broda, Harald Locke, Pascal Schweitzer, Detlev Hofmann, Peter Schreiner, Derck Schlettwein, and Sangam Chatterjee
15:00 HL 76.8 Nano-floating gate memory based on lead halide perovskite nanocrystals — •Tianhao Jiang, Martin Stutzmann, Xiujuan Zhang, and Jiansheng Jie
15:00 HL 76.9 Electrical characterization of deep levels inside sulfur hyperdoped silicon based on graded junction calculations — •Erica F. Warth Pérez Arias, Arne Ahrens, Anna L. Baumann, Wolfgang Schade, and Michael Seibt
15:00 HL 76.10 Thermally evaporated two dimensional perovskites for photovoltaic applications — •Zongbao Zhang, Ran Ji, Martin Kroll, Changsoon Cho, Tim Schramm, Frederik Nehm, Yana Vaynzof, and Karl Leo
15:00 HL 76.11 Multistable circular currents of polariton condensates trapped in ring potentials — •Franziska Barkhausen, Stefan Schumacher, and Xuekai Ma
15:00 HL 76.12 Photoluminescence studies of organic microcrystals with π-conjugated core/shell moleculeAswin Asaithambi, Kohei Iwai, •Guenther Prinz, Hiroshi Yamagishi, Yohei Yamamoto, and Axel Lorke
15:00 HL 76.13 Universal short-time response and formation of correlations after quantum quenches — •Klaus Morawetz
15:00 HL 76.14 Organic field effect transistors based on PNDIT2 polymers — •Annika Morgenstern, Apoorva Sharma, Georgeta Salvan, Dietrich R. T. Zahn, and Michael Sommer
15:00 HL 76.15 Synthesis and nanoscale characterization of perovskite single crystals using scanning probe techniques — •Andrei Karabanov, Marianela Escobar, Vladimir V. Shvartsman, and Doru C. Lupascu
15:00 HL 76.16 Analysis of semitransparent top contact induced Voc losses and their influences on long term stability in tandem solar cells — •Bor Li, Amran Al-Ashouri, Marko Jošt, Eike Köhnen, Marlene Härtel, Hans Köbler, and Steve Albrecht
15:00 HL 76.17 Coherent Dynamics in Rhenium Disulphide Studied by Ultrafast Electron Diffraction — •Ahmed Hassanien, Arne Ungeheuer, Mashood Tariq Mir, Arne Senftleben, and Thomas Baumert
  15:00 HL 76.18 The contribution has been withdrawn.
15:00 HL 76.19 Transient negative thermal expansion in HgTe/CdTe heterostructures by heating transverse phonons — •Matthias Rössle, Marc Herzog, Jan Pudell, Wolfram Leitenberger, Maximilian Mattern, Lukas Lunczer, Claus Schumacher, Harmut Buhmann, Laurens Molenkamp, and Matias Bargheer
15:00 HL 76.20 Coupling dynamics of coherent acoustic phonons in a Graphite−MoS2 heterostructure observed by ultrafast electron diffraction — •Arne Ungeheuer, Ahmed Hassanien, Arne Senftleben, Mashood Mir, and Thomas Baumert
15:00 HL 76.21 Investigating 2D block array for OLED light outcoupling — •Dinara Samigullina, Paul-Anton Will, Simone Lenk, Lydia Galle, Stefan Kaskel, and Sebastian Reineke
15:00 HL 76.22 irradiance dependent photoresponse organic near infrared photodetectors for distance measurement — •yazhong wang, christoph lungenschmied, karl leo, and donato spoltore
15:00 HL 76.23 Transient negative thermal expansion and Poisson effect — •Marc Herzog, Alexander von Reppert, and Matias Bargheer
15:00 HL 76.24 Effects of controlled slot-die-printing on halide perovskite films — •Meike Kuhn, Christopher Greve, and Eva M. Herzig
15:00 HL 76.25 Surface charge-carrier dynamics of CsPbBr3 inorganic perovskite — •Felix Trunk, Janek Rieger, Thomas Fauster, and Daniel Niesner
15:00 HL 76.26 Universal Pure Aromatic Hydrocarbon Hosts for High-Efficiency Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Diodes — •Qiang Wang, Fabien Lucas, Cassandre Quinton, Liang-Sheng Liao, Zuo-Quan Jiang, and Cyril Poriel
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