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MA: Fachverband Magnetismus

MA 42: Posters Magnetism I

Mittwoch, 18. März 2020, 15:00–18:00, P3

15:00 MA 42.1 Nonlinear effects in nano-YIG — •Martin Kewenig, Morteza Mohseni, Julius Balliet, Felix Kohl, Michael Schneider, Björn Heinz, Qi Wang, Bert Lägel, Carsten Dubs, Andrii Chumak, Philipp Pirro, and Burkard Hillebrands
15:00 MA 42.2 Sub-micrometer near-field focusing of spin waves in ultrathin YIG films — •Boris Divinskiy, Nicolas Thiery, Laurent Vila, Olivier Klein, Nathan Beaulieu, Jamal B. Youssef, Sergej O. Demokritov, and Vladislav E. Demidov
15:00 MA 42.3 Bridging magnonics and spin-orbitronics — •Boris Divinskiy, Vladislav E. Demidov, Sergei Urazhdin, and Sergej O. Demokritov
15:00 MA 42.4 Implementation of the Stimulated-Raman-Adiabatic-Passage mechanism in magnonicsQi Wang, •Anna M. Friedel, Thomas Brächer, Andrii V. Chumak, Burkard Hillebrands, and Philipp Pirro
15:00 MA 42.5 Three-magnon scattering in a displaced magnetic vortex — •Lukas Körber, Katrin Schultheiss, Tobias Hula, Roman Verba, Attila Kákay, and Helmut Schultheiss
15:00 MA 42.6 Spinwave propagation and mode conversion in an asymmetric YIG fork structure — •Julius Balliet, Martin Kewenig, Frank Heussner, Felix Kohl, Bert Lägel, Carsten Dubs, Andrii Chumak, Philipp Pirro, and Burkard Hillebrands
15:00 MA 42.7 First electrical detection of a magnon BEC in bulk-YIG — •Timo B. Noack, Vitaliy I. Vasyuchka, Burkard Hillebrands, and Alexander A. Serga
15:00 MA 42.8 Investigation of parallel parametric pumping processes in individual YIG nanostructures — •Akira Lentfert, Björn Heinz, Morteza Mohseni, Michael Schneider, Burkard Hillebrands, Andrii V. Chumak, and Philipp Pirro
15:00 MA 42.9 Magnon condensation in the presence of magnetoelastic interaction — •Vitaliy I. Vasyuchka, Pascal Frey, Mio Ishibashi, Alexander A. Serga, and Burkard Hillebrands
15:00 MA 42.10 Spin-wave packets triggered by ultrashort laserpulses — •Tobias Tubandt, Justyna Rychly, Jakob Walowski, Christian Denker, Jaroslav Klos, and Markus Münzenberg
15:00 MA 42.11 A novel approach for growing low-loss ferrimagnetic garnet nanofilms — •Christopher Heins, Robert Gruhl, Vasily Moshnyaga, and Henning Ulrichs
15:00 MA 42.12 THz spin-wave generation in optically-driven acoustic resonators — •Dennis Meyer, Vitaly Bruchmann-Bamberg, Christopher Heins, Sina Ludewig, Vasily Moshnyaga, and Henning Ulrichs
15:00 MA 42.13 Spin Torques in Coupled YIG/Py Heterostructures — •Carolina Lüthi, Luis Flacke, Hans Huebl, Matthias Althammer, Rudolf Gross, and Mathias Weiler
15:00 MA 42.14 Non-linear spin-wave generation at low magnetic bias fields — •Rouven Dreyer, Chris Körner, Niklas Liebing, and Georg Woltersdorf
15:00 MA 42.15 Sub-wavelength THz measurements of small crystals: chiral Ni3TeO6 — •David Maluski, Malte Langenbach, David Szaller, István Kézsmárki, Vladimir Tsurkan, Sang-Wook Cheong, Joachim Hemberger, and Markus Grüninger
15:00 MA 42.16 Non-equilibrium spin dynamics and statics enforced by spin currents in ferrimagnetic nanofilms — •Sina Ludewig, Dennis Meyer, and Henning Ulrichs
15:00 MA 42.17 Concept of Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy of magnons in optically-induced 2D magnetic landscapes — •Matthias R. Schweizer, Alexander J.E. Kreil, Vitaliy I. Vasyuchka, Georg von Freymann, Alexander A. Serga, and Burkard Hillebrands
15:00 MA 42.18 Plasmonic Field Confinement for Ultrafast High-Harmonic Dichroic Microscopy — •Jakob Hagen, Sergey Zayko, Ofer Kfir, and Claus Ropers
15:00 MA 42.19 Study of Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics in Perovskite Oxide Films by use of Extreme Ultraviolet Light — •Henrike Probst, Christina Möller, Johannes Otto, Cinja Seick, Matthijs Jansen, Sabine Steil, Daniel Steil, Vasily Moshnyaga, and Stefan Mathias
15:00 MA 42.20 Finite size effects on the ultrafast remagnetization- and lattice dynamics of FePtAlexander von Reppert, Lisa Willig, Jan-Etienne Pudell, Steffen Zeuschner, Gabriel Sellge, Fabian Ganss, Olav Hellwig, Jon Ander Arregi, Voitech Uhlíř, Aurelien Crut, and •Matias Bargheer
15:00 MA 42.21 Ultrafast Photoinduced Spin Dynamics and Transmission Transients in the Strongly Correlated Manganite Pr0.9Ca0.1MnO3. — •Tim Titze, Hendrik Meer, Birte Kressdorf, Andreas Weisser, Cinja Seick, Henning Ulrichs, Dennis Meyer, Christian Jooss, Daniel Steil, and Stefan Mathias
15:00 MA 42.22 Time-resolved x-ray magnetic circular dichroism on Co/NiMn and Ni/NiMn bilayers — •Ivar Kumberg, Rahil Hosseinifar, Sakineh Ghaderi, Evangelos Golias, Sangeeta Thakur, Niko Pontius, Christian-Schuessler Langeheine, and Wolfgang Kuch
15:00 MA 42.23 Investigation of ultrafast laser-induced toggle-switching and domain-wall motion in GdFe — •Rahil Hosseinifar, Ivar Kumberg, Evangelos Golias, Sangeeta Thakur, Florian Kronast, Manfred Albrecht, and Wolfgang Kuch
15:00 MA 42.24 The role of coherent and incoherent phonons for the excitation of standing spin waves — •Steffen Peer Zeuschner, Marwan Deb, Alexander von Reppert, Jan-Etienne Pudell, Elena Popova, Niels Keller, Matthias Rössle, Marc Herzog, and Matias Bargheer
15:00 MA 42.25 Electron scattering dynamics with anisotropic excitation — •Marius Weber, Kai Leckron, and Hans Christian Schneider
15:00 MA 42.26 Numerical solution of linearized electron-electron scattering integrals for ultrafast dynamics and transport — •Félix Dusabirane, Kai Leckron, and Hans Christian Schneider
15:00 MA 42.27 Ultrafast magnetization dynamics in TbGd bilayers and the effect of interlayer angular momentum transport — •Markus Gleich, Kamil Bobowski, Dominic Lawrenz, Can Çağincan, Niko Pontius, Daniel Schick, Torsten Kachel, Christian Schüßler-Langeheine, Björn Frietsch, Unai Atxitia, Nele Thielemann-Kühn, and Martin Weinelt
15:00 MA 42.28 Time resolved magnetostriction in itinerant ferromagnet SrRuO3Maximilian Mattern, •Jan-Etienne Pudell, Alexander von Reppert, Marc Herzog, and Matias Bargheer
15:00 MA 42.29 Magnetization dynamics in yttrium-iron-garnet/spin-cross-over bilayer systems — •Rostyslav Serha, Michael Schneider, Tim Hochdörfer, Juliusz Wolny, Björn Heinz, Carsten Dubs, Volker Schünemann, Burkard Hillebrands, and Philipp Pirro
15:00 MA 42.30 Relaxation of classical spins coupled to a conduction-electron system with dissipative boundaries — •Michael Elbracht and Michael Potthoff
15:00 MA 42.31 Broadband Ferromagnetic Resonance on sputtered YIG and Permalloy thin films — •Luise Siegl, Richard Schlitz, and Sebastian T. B. Goennenwein
15:00 MA 42.32 Analysis of Terahertz Emission Profiles from Optically-Excited Magnetic Multilayers — •Dennis Nenno, Rolf Binder, and Hans Christian Schneider
15:00 MA 42.33 Engineering the interface of Iron/Platinum spintronic terahertz emitters — •Moritz Ruhwedel, Laura Scheuer, Rene Beigang, Evangelos Th. Papaioannou, and Burkard Hillebrands
15:00 MA 42.34 Super-resolution in THz-spectral imaging — •Tristan Winkel, Finn-Frederik Lietzow, Yuta Sasaki, Nina Meyer, Jana Kredl, Tobias Tubandt, Christian Denker, Jakob Walowski, Shigemi Mizukami, and Markus Münzenberg
15:00 MA 42.35 Inverse spin Hall Effect in ferromagnet/heavy metal bilayers with different spin orbit coupling materials and interlayers — •Mohamed Amine Wahada, Wolfgang Hoppe, Georg Woltersdorf, and Stuart S. P. Parkin
15:00 MA 42.36 Spin- and charge transport at THz frequencies in metallic multilayers: A 2-dimensional model — •Marcel Burgard, Dennis M. Nenno, and Hans Christian Schneider
15:00 MA 42.37 Piezoelectric Strain Control of Spin-Orbit Torques in CoFeB Thin Films — •M. Filianina, J.-P. Hanke, K. Lee, D.-S. Han, S. Jaiswal, G. Jakob, A. Rajan, Y. Mokrousov, and M. Kläui
15:00 MA 42.38 Ab initio calculations on Spin Hall Effect for metallic systems — •Alexander Fabian, Michael Czerner, Martin Gradhand, and Christian Heiliger
15:00 MA 42.39 Spin Hall Magnetoresistance in normal metal/yttrium iron garnet heterostructures — •E. Karadza, T. Wimmer, J. Gueckelhorn, R. Gross, H. Huebl, and M. Althammer
15:00 MA 42.40 Current induced switching of the Néel vector in CoO(001)/Pt bilayers — •Christin Schmitt, Lorenzo Baldrati, Romain Lebrun, Andrew Ross, Rafael Ramos, Eiji Saitoh, and Mathias Kläui
15:00 MA 42.41 Spin transport in topological Floquet magnon insulator — •Jun-Hui Zheng, Roberto Troncoso, Walter Hofstetter, and Arne Brataas
15:00 MA 42.42 Investigation of phonon interference for acoustically driven spin waves — •Felix Kohl, Moritz Geilen, Tobias Böttcher, Alexandra Nicoloiu, Florin Ciubotaru, Christoph Adelmann, Alexandru Müller, Burkard Hillebrands, and Philipp Pirro
15:00 MA 42.43 Growth of RuO2 thin films and determination of magnetic and transport properties — •Sven Becker, Andrew Ross, Romain Lebrun, Lorenzo Baldrati, Mathias Kläui, and Gerhard Jakob
15:00 MA 42.44 Crystallisation of optically thick films of CoxFe(80-x)B20: evolution of the (magneto-) optical and structural properties — •Apoorva Sharma, Maria A. Hoffmann, Patrick Matthes, Olav Hellwig, Cornelia Kowol, Stefan E. Schulz, Dietrich R. T. Zahn, and Georgeta Salvan
15:00 MA 42.45 Current direction dependent frequency ranges of spin Hall nano-oscillators by adding a magnetic layer — •Toni Hache, Tillmann Weinhold, Yancheng Li, Jürgen Fassbender, Olav Hellwig, and Helmut Schultheiss
15:00 MA 42.46 Well Balanced Magnetic Gates for Inverted Logic — •Timo Pulch, Daniele Pinna, and Karin Everschor-Sitte
15:00 MA 42.47 Designing balanced magnetic logic gates by means of neural networks — •Lukas Holzbeck, Daniele Pinna, and Karin Everschor-Sitte
15:00 MA 42.48 Lattice effects accompanying the colossal magnetoresistance effect in HgCr2Se4 — •Steffi Hartmann, Shuai Yang, Yongqing Li, Jens Müller, and Michael Lang
15:00 MA 42.49 Synthesis and crystal growth of (Ni, Fe)2P2X6 (X=S, Se) — •Tamara Holub, Yuliia Shemerliuk, Sebastian Selter, Saicharan Aswartham, and Bernd Buechner
15:00 MA 42.50 Investigating the CMR Effect in Eu5In2Sb6 by Means of Nonlinear Transport and Fluctuation Spectroscopy Measurements — •Marvin Kopp, Merlin Mitschek, Priscila Rosa, Lennart Fox, and Jens Müller
  15:00 MA 42.51 The contribution has been withdrawn (duplicate of MA 36.2).
15:00 MA 42.52 Induced moment mediated exchange couplings in transition metal systems — •Laszlo Udvardi and Laszlo Szunyogh
15:00 MA 42.53 Predictive Design of Induction Coil Geometries using Neural Networks — •Simon Bekemeier and Christian Schröder
15:00 MA 42.54 A reverse design methodology for 3-D induction coil windings — •Assja Laas and Christian Schröder
15:00 MA 42.55 Light Induced Magnetisation Switching in Inversion Breaking Magnetic Materials — •Urmimala Dey, Oles Matsyshyn, and Inti Sodemann
15:00 MA 42.56 Optimal control of magnetic statesMohammad Badarneh, Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, and •Pavel Bessarab
15:00 MA 42.57 All-Optical Magnetoelectric Memory — •Jakub Vít, Alexej Pashkin, Vilmos Kocsis, Yasujiro Taguchi, István Kézsmárki, and Sándor Bordács
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