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MA: Fachverband Magnetismus

MA 57: Posters Magnetism II

Donnerstag, 19. März 2020, 15:00–18:00, P3

15:00 MA 57.1 Entropy estimation in high-throughput calculations — •Rafael Vieira, Olle Eriksson, Torbjörn Björkman, and Heike C. Herper
15:00 MA 57.2 Advanced characterization of magnetocaloric materials in pulsed magnetic fields — •T. Gottschall, E. Bykov, C. Salazar Mejía, Y. Skourski, and J. Wosnitza
15:00 MA 57.3 Magnetocaloric effect in DyCo2 and Ho0.5Dy0.5Al2 rare-earth compounds — •E. Bykov, T. Gottschall, A. Karpenkov, K. Skokov, S. Taskaev, Y. Skourski, and J. Wosnitza
15:00 MA 57.4 Multiscale modeling of magnon-phonon dynamics — •Pablo Nieves, Sergiu Arapan, Domink Legut, David Serantes, and Oksana Chubykalo-Fesenko
15:00 MA 57.5 Charge and spin transport in NiFe2O4 thin films with varying lattice parameters — •Oliver Ritter, Jan Biedinger, Karsten Rott, and Timo Kuschel
15:00 MA 57.6 Thermally generated spin transport in Fe3O4/NiO/Pt trilayers — •Johannes Demir, Stefan Becker, Lennart Schwan, Olga Kuschel, Joachim Wollschläger, and Timo Kuschel
15:00 MA 57.7 Influence of post annealing on structural, magnetic and electric properties of sputter-deposited NiFe2O4 thin films — •Jan Biedinger, Luca Marnitz, Karsten Rott, and Timo Kuschel
15:00 MA 57.8 Spin Seebeck effect in NiFe2O4 thin films deposited on differently doped Nb:SrTiO3(001) substrates — •Tobias Peters, Oliver Ritter, Jannis Thien, Jari Rodewald, Joachim Wollschläger, Ronja Heinen, Martina Müller, and Timo Kuschel
15:00 MA 57.9 Towards spin-polarized scanning tunneling spectroscopy of exfoliated 2D magnets — •Benjamin Pestka, Jeff Strasdas, Matthew Hamer, Astrid Weston, Adam Budniak, Efrat Lifshitz, Yaron Amouyal, Roman Gorbachev, and Markus Morgenstern
15:00 MA 57.10 Trends of higher-order exchange interactions in transition metal trilayers — •Mara Gutzeit, Soumyajyoti Haldar, and Stefan Heinze
15:00 MA 57.11 Magnetism and spin dynamics in single-layer antiferromagnetic insulator MnPS3 — •Martin Alliati, Richard F. L. Evans, and Elton J. G. Santos
15:00 MA 57.12 Magnetoresistance effects in two-dimensional magnetic van der Waals systems — •Franziska Martin, Rui Wu, Romain Lebrun, Tanja Scholz, Jinbo Yang, Bettina Lotsch, and Mathias Kläui
15:00 MA 57.13 Ab initio studies of magnetic interactions in MnBi2Te4 and related monolayers — •Donya Mazhjoo, Gustav Bihlmayer, and Stefan Blügel
15:00 MA 57.14 Hot carrier relaxation in two-dimensional materials — •Franz Fischer, Franziska Töpler, Nicki Frank Hinsche, Jürgen Henk, and Ingrid Mertig
15:00 MA 57.15 Relaxation behaviour of antiferromagnetic grains in polycrystalline exchange bias bilayers — •Maximilian Merkel, Rico Huhnstock, Meike Reginka, and Arno Ehresmann
15:00 MA 57.16 Tailoring of exchange bias in magnetic thin films via electrochemical transformation of the ferromagnetic layer — •Rico Huhnstock, Jonas Zehner, Steffen Oswald, Ivan Soldatov, Arno Ehresmann, Kornelius Nielsch, Dennis Holzinger, and Karin Leistner
15:00 MA 57.17 X-ray magnetic linear dichroism as a probe for non-collinear magnetic state in ferrimagnetic single layer exchange bias systems — •Chen Luo, Hanjo Ryll, Christian Back, and Florin Radu
15:00 MA 57.18 Investigation of Granular Magnetic Exchange Coupled Nano-CompositesRunbang Shao, Siming Zou, Nitish Jangale, Balati Kuerbanjiang, and •Ulrich Herr
15:00 MA 57.19 Interfacial Ferromagnetism of LaMnO3/SrMnO3 Superlattices — •Robert Gruhl and Vasily Moshnyaga
15:00 MA 57.20 Static and dynamic demagnetization of MBE grown Fe/Gd films on W(110) investigated with XMCD-R — •Dominic Lawrenz, Jonathan Weber, Wibke Bronsch, Tim Amrhein, Jan Böhnke, Rinat Khanbekov, Sarah Krüger, Huijuan Xiao, Markus Gleich, Kamil Bobowski, Xinwei Zheng, Niko Pontius, Christian Schüssler-Langeheine, Torsten Kachel, Nele Thielemann-Kühn, and Martin Weinelt
15:00 MA 57.21 Ferromagnetic resonance of Mn1.6PtSn thin films — •Peter Swekis, Anastasios Markou, Jörg Sichelschmidt, Sebastian T.B. Gönnenwein, and Claudia Felser
15:00 MA 57.22 Temperature and angular dependence of the anisotropic magnetoresistance in epitaxial Mn5Ge3 film — •Yufang Xie, Ye Yuan, Manfred Helm, Jörg Grenzer, Magdalena Birowska, Dominik Kriegner, Shengqiang Zhou, and Prucnal Slawomir
15:00 MA 57.23 Deposition and characterisation of ferromagnetic τ-MnAl thin films — •Daniel Scheffler, Michaela Lammel, Torsten Mix, Thomas G. Woodcock, Andy Thomas, and Sebastian T.B. Goennenwein
15:00 MA 57.24 Irradiation-induced magneto-structural phase transition in Fe60V40 alloy thin films — •Md. Shadab Anwar, Vico Liersch, Benedikt Eggert, Alexander Schmeink, Kay Potzger, Jürgen Lindner, Jürgen Fassbender, Heiko Wende, Olav Hellwig, and Rantej Bali
15:00 MA 57.25 CPA-RPA theory for magnetic materials — •Sebastian Paischer, Pawel Buczek, and Arthur Ernst
15:00 MA 57.26 Cation order control of magnetism in double perovskite system — •Supriyo Majumder, M. Tripathi, R. J. Choudhary, and D. M. Phase
15:00 MA 57.27 Temperature- and light-induced spin-state switching at sub-monolayer coverage in a sublimated spin-crossover film on graphite — •Sangeeta Thakur, Evangelos Golias, Ivar Kumberg, Kuppusamy S. Kumar, Rahil Hosseinifar, Jorge Torres, Lalminthang Kipgen, Lucas M. Arruda, Chen Luo, Florin Radu, Mario Ruben, and Wolfgang Kuch
15:00 MA 57.28 X-ray magnetic circular dichroism measurements on SURMOF-2 structures — •Alexei Nefedov, Kai Mueller, Lars Heinke, Chen Luo, Kai Chen, Florin Radu, Evangelos Golias, Wolfgang Kuch, and Christof Woell
15:00 MA 57.29 Efficient Simulation of Powder Magnetism in Single Molecule Magnets — •Hetti M. Jayawardena, Julius Mutschler, Christopher E. Anson, Annie K. Powell, and Oliver Waldmann
15:00 MA 57.30 An Efficient Magnetothermal Actuation Setup for Biomedical Applications — •Amirarsalan Asharion and Cornelia Monzel
15:00 MA 57.31 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy on FePcF16 and its µ-Oxo dimer in catalysis reaction — •Felix Seewald, Florian Puls, Hans-Joachim Knölker, and Hans-Henning Klauss
15:00 MA 57.32 Light-, temperature-, and x-ray-induced spin-crossover transition of molecules adsorbed on a graphite surface — •Jorge Torres, Lalminthang Kipgen, Sascha Ossinger, Sangeeta Thakur, Ivar Kumberg, Rahil Hosseinifar, Lucas M. Arruda, Evangelos Golias, Chen Luo, Kai Chen, Florin Radu, Felix Tuczek, and Wolfgang Kuch
15:00 MA 57.33 Atom manipulation on complex spin textures — •Andre Kubetzka, Kirsten von Bergmann, Jonas Spethmann, and Roland Wiesendanger
15:00 MA 57.34 Optimal control assisted widefield magnetometry with nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond — •Eva Florina Großmann, Gerhard Wolff, Philipp Jan Vetter, Marco Rossignolo, Thomas Reisser, Tommaso Calarco, Simone Montangero, and Fedor Jelezko
15:00 MA 57.35 Quantitative Magnetic Force Microscopy of Magnetic Storage Media and its Avail to Probe Calibration — •Johannes Fendt, Jan Gurzynski, Siming Zou, Runbang Shao, and Berndt Koslowski
15:00 MA 57.36 Measuring Superconducting Phase Transitions with Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond — •Domenico Paone, Dinesh Pinto, Liwen Feng, Min-Jae Kim, Gideok Kim, Rainer Stöhr, Stefan Kaiser, Bernhard Keimer, Jörg Wrachtrup, and Klaus Kern
15:00 MA 57.37 The spectrum of a single molecular electron spin qubit — •Tim Dierker, Dinesh Pinto, and Wolfgang Harneit
15:00 MA 57.38 Decoherence of a singlet-triplet superposition state under dipolar interactions of an uncorrelated environment — •Patrick Vorndamme and Jürgen Schnack
15:00 MA 57.39 Detecting an Electron Transfer Reaction in the Single-Molecule Regime Using a Diamond-Based Quantum Sensor — •Jan-Magnus Kurzhals, René Wieczorek, and Wolfgang Harneit
15:00 MA 57.40 Investigation of highly ordered granular GMR structures manufactured by focused electron beam induced deposition of Co — •Björn Büker, Laila Bondzio, Daniel Kappe, Christian Schröder, Inga Ennen, and Andreas Hütten
15:00 MA 57.41 Investigation of the dipole interaction in and between ordered arrangements of magnetic nanoparticles — •Nils Neugebauer, Alexander Fabian, Matthias T. Elm, Michael Czerner, Christian Heiliger, and Peter J. Klar
15:00 MA 57.42 3D Nano-Lithography and its Applications — •Jana Kredl, Christian Denker, Cornelius Fendler, Julia Bethune, Nina Meyer, Tobias Tubandt, Finn-Frederik Lietzow, Neha Jha, Chris Badenhorst, Alena Rong, Jakob Walowski, Mark Doerr, Raghavendra Plankar, Mihaela Delcea, Uwe T. Bornscheuer, Robert Blick, Swadhin Mandal, and Markus Münzenberg
15:00 MA 57.43 Driving power dependency of thin-film GMI sensors with insulating layers — •Gregor Buettel, Vlad Serea, and Uwe Hartmann
15:00 MA 57.44 Fabrication and characterization of 3d-sputtered giant magnetoimpedance sensors — •Indujan Sivanesarajah, Rudolph Gerlich, Gregor Buettel, and Uwe Hartmann
15:00 MA 57.45 EPR on-a-Chip for Operando XES Experiments — •Ekaterina Shabratova, Silvio Künstner, Raul Garcia-Diez, René Grüneberger, Matthias Neeb, Katja Höflich, Volker Niemann, Rainer Pietig, Boris Naydenov, Jens Anders, and Klaus Lips
15:00 MA 57.46 Automated evaluation of EMCD measurements — •Chris Taake, Inga Ennen, Daniela Ramermann, and Andreas Hütten
15:00 MA 57.47 Model Based Characterization of Conductive Magnetic Bulk Materials for High Frequency Applications — •Lennart Schwan, Andreas Hütten, and Sonja Schöning
15:00 MA 57.48 Determination of the bulk spin polarization of Fe3O4 (111) thin films by means of spin-resolved hard X-ray time-of-flight microscopy — •Matthias Schmitt, Ozan Kirilmaz, Sergey Chernov, Sergey Babenkov, Dmitry Vasilyev, Katerina Medjanik, Olena Fedchenko, Yuri Matveyev, Andrei Gloskowski, Christoph Schlueter, Hans-Joachim Elmers, Gerd Schönhense, Michael Sing, and Ralph Claessen
15:00 MA 57.49 Convergent electron beam diffraction: an old technique applied on new magnetic materials — •Inga Ennen, Bernhard Kaltschmidt, and Andreas Hütten
15:00 MA 57.50 Investigation of nanomagnetic phenomena employing co-resonant coupled cantilever sensors — •Maneesha Sharma, Qifeng Pan, Bernd Büchner, and Thomas Mühl
  15:00 MA 57.51 The contribution has been withdrawn (duplicate of MA 57.50).
  15:00 MA 57.52 The contribution has been withdrawn (duplicate of MA 57.50).
15:00 MA 57.53 Sensitivity improvements of EPR-on-a-Chip with rapid scan — •Silvio Künstner, Anh Chu, Boris Naydenov, Alexander Schnegg, and Klaus Lips
15:00 MA 57.54 Transport of magnetic particles by custom-made magnetic pulse sequenceswith varied alteration rates — •Nikolai Weidt, Meike Reginka, and Ehresmann Arno
15:00 MA 57.55 Study of nanoparticle dynamics in binary solutions across phase transitions — •Juri Kopp, Joachim Landers, Samira Webers, Soma Salamon, Julian Seifert, Karin Koch, Annette M. Schmidt, and Heiko Wende
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