Dresden 2020 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 33: Poster Session - Plasmonics and Nanooptics: Applications and other Aspects

Montag, 16. März 2020, 18:15–20:00, P1C

18:15 O 33.1 Shape optimization of magneto-optic metasurfaces for enhanced Faraday rotation — •Thomas Kiel, Paris Varytis, Bettina Beverungen, Philip Kristensen, and Kurt Busch
18:15 O 33.2 Formation of conducting polymer by plasmon-induced photopolymerization — •Marisa Hoffmann, Anja Maria Steiner, Charlene Ng, and Andreas Fery
18:15 O 33.3 A tuneable photochromic lens for the visible — •Till Leuteritz and Stefan Linden
18:15 O 33.4 Surface roughness in finite element meshes — •Fabian Loth, Thomas Kiel, Kurt Busch, and Philip Kristensen
18:15 O 33.5 THG imaging with nonlinear dielectric metalenses — •Christian Schlickriede, Sergey Kruk, Basudeb Sain, Yuri Kivshar, and Thomas Zentgraf
18:15 O 33.6 Investigating the coupling of plasmonic metasurfaces and WS2 — •Florian Spreyer and Thomas Zentgraf
18:15 O 33.7 Optical trapping by silicon based high numerical aperture metalenses — •Rene Geromel, Basudeb Sain, Christian Schlickriede, Michael Tiemann, and Thomas Zentgraf
18:15 O 33.8 Large-scale optical programming of phase-change material metasurfaces — •Laric Bobzien, Andreas Heßler, Julian Hanss, Thomas Kalix, Matthias Wuttig, and Thomas Taubner
18:15 O 33.9 Revealing time resolved electron-electron interactions on the nanoscale with ultrafast electron microscopy — •Andreas Wöste, Germann Hergert, Jan Vogelsang, Dong Wang, Petra Groß, and Christoph Lienau
18:15 O 33.10 Nonreciprical Polarization Encryption of Holographic Images by Plasmonic Metasurfaces — •Daniel Frese, Qunshuo Wei, Yongtian Wang, Lingling Huang, and Thomas Zentgraf
18:15 O 33.11 Switchable plasmonic metasurfaces using the polymer PEDOT — •Juliane Ratzsch, Tobias Pohl, Andy Steinmann, Florian Sterl, Jinglin Fu, Mario Hentschel, and Harald Giessen
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