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TT: Fachverband Tiefe Temperaturen

TT 17: Poster Session Correlated Electrons 1

TT 17.1: Poster

Montag, 16. März 2020, 15:00–19:00, P2/EG

RMn2Ge2 (R = Nd, Sm, Dy): Single crystal growth and characterization — •Michelle Ocker, Robert Möller, Kristin Kliemt, and Cornelius Krellner — Physikalisches Institut, Goethe Universität Frankfurt, 60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The compounds RMn2Ge2, where R is a rare earth element, crystallize in the body centered tetragonal ThCr2Si2 structure type and exhibit a complex magnetic behaviour. At high temperature, the magnetism is determined by the ordering of the Mn-Mn layer, while at low temperatures it is dominated by the ordering of the rare earths local moments [1, 2]. There are many studies of polycrystalline samples or small single crystals, but large and pure single crystals suitable for spectroscopic studies are missing. In this contribution, we present the details of the growth by Czochralski method from a levitating melt of RMn2Ge2 (R=Nd, Sm, Dy) single crystals and their structural, chemical and physical characterization.

[1] G. Guanghua, M.V. Eremin, A. Kirste, N.P. Kolmakava, A.S. Lagutin, R.Z. Lebitin, M von Ortenberg and A.A. Sidorenko, Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, 93, 796 (2001)

[2] N. P. Kolmakova, A. A. Sidorenko, and R. Z. Levitin, Low Temperature Physics 28, 653 (2002).

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