Dresden 2020 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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TT: Fachverband Tiefe Temperaturen

TT 65: Poster Session Topological Topics

TT 65.2: Poster

Donnerstag, 19. März 2020, 15:00–19:00, P2/EG

Signature of Unconventional Topological Superconductivity in Magnetic Penetration Depth — •Mehdi Biderang1 and Alireza Akbari1,21Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea — 2Max Planck POSTECH Center for Complex Phase Materials, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea

We propose a theoretical microscopic formulation of magnetic penetration depth for unconventional superconductors, considering both London (with local effects) and Pippard (with nonlocal effects) types. We examine our calculations for a variety of systems, including Sr2RuO4 as an example of multi-orbital superconductors, heavy fermion systems such as noncentrosymmetric superconductor CePt3Si with potential topological phase, a chiral superconductor UPt3 with nontrivial Fermi arc surface state, and CeCoIn5 with trivial topology. We find that for the London type superconductors the penetration depth varies linearly in temperature, for topologically nontrivial systems and it can demonstrate a signature of nodes in the gap function. However, the non-local response results in significant deviations from the linear behavior into a power-law temperature dependence.

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