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TT: Fachverband Tiefe Temperaturen

TT 7: Micro- and Nanostructured Materials (joint session MA/TT)

TT 7.7: Vortrag

Montag, 16. März 2020, 11:00–11:15, HSZ 403

Cellulose nanocomposite with SrFe12O19 nanoparticles as a novel magnetic nanopaper source — •Andrei Chumakov1, Calvin Brett1,2, Artem Eliseev3, Evgeny Anokhin3, Lev Trusov3, Lewis Akinsinde4, Marc Gensch1,5, Dirk Menzel6, Matthias Schwartzkopf1, Micheal Rübhausen4, and Stephan Roth1,21DESY, Hamburg, Germany — 2KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden — 3MSU, Moscow, Russia — 4CFEL, Universität Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany — 5TUM, Garching, Germany — 6TU Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany

The combination of biocompatible cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) with magnetic nanoparticles provides a promising magnetic composite material for flexible and electromechanical devices. Superparamagnetic ferrite nanoparticles are used as a magnetic material for such composites. We combined CNF with a novel type of stable magnetic colloids based on disc-like (diameter 40 nm, thickness 5 nm) hard magnetic hexaferrite (SrFe12O19) particles, electrostatically stabilized in aqueous solution. Each particle carries a large permanent magnetic moment oriented perpendicularly to the plate surface (Ms = 50 emu/g, Hc = 4500 Oe). As a result of the interaction of positively charged magnetic particles with a negatively charged surface of the CNF (1360 µmol/g), a thin film of the magnetic composite material was fabricated by spray deposition. The structure was studied by imaging, X-ray scattering and the magnetic techniques of such a composite showed a uniform distribution of single hexaferrite nanoparticles in a cellulose matrix.

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