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A: Fachverband Atomphysik

A 9: Poster Session - Atomic Physics I

Montag, 9. März 2020, 16:00–18:00, Empore Lichthof

16:00 A 9.1 Two-center dielectronic recombination and interatomic coulombic electron capture in slow atomic collisions — •Andreas Jacob, Carsten Müller, and Alexander B. Voitkiv
16:00 A 9.2 Formation of the positive ion of antihydrogen via radiative attachment of a positron to antihydrogen — •Andreas Jacob, Carsten Müller, Alexander B. Voitkiv, Shaofeng Zhang, and Xinwen Ma
16:00 A 9.3 Mass defect of electronic transitions, in atoms, ions and atomic clocks — •Víctor José Martínez Lahuerta, Simon Eilers, Marius Schulte, Jan Kiethe, Tanjia Mehlstäubler, Piet Oliver Schmidt, and Klemens Hammerer
16:00 A 9.4 Continuum-Continuum Recombination in High-Order Harmonic Generation — •Fermin Rodriguez Hernandez, Frank Grossmann, and Jan Michael Rost
16:00 A 9.5 Supersonic Molecular Beam for Velocity Map Imaging Experiments: Model Simulations and Design Concept — •Philipp Thurau, Kevin Eickhoff, Lars Englert, Tim Bayer, and Matthias Wollenhaupt
16:00 A 9.6 Control of free electron wave packets by polarization-tailored ultrashort bichromatic laser fieldsStefanie Kerbstadt, Kevin Eickhoff, •Lea-Christin Feld, Tim Bayer, and Matthias Wollenhaupt
16:00 A 9.7 Spatial phase modulation of electron beams meets spectral interference of electron wave packets — •Darius Köhnke, Christopher Rathje, Kevin Eickhoff, Stefanie Kerbstadt, Tim Bayer, Sascha Schäfer, and Matthias Wollenhaupt
16:00 A 9.8 Solving the semiclassical propagator via Bayesian quadrature — •Benjamin Rabe and Jan-Michael Rost
16:00 A 9.9 Generation of Entanglement in Spin Chains through the Presence of External Fields — •Darvin Wanisch
16:00 A 9.10 Competition of photon and electron emission in interatomic decay of heterogeneous noble gas clusters — •Lutz Marder, André Knie, Christian Ozga, Christina Zindel, Clemens Richter, Uwe Hergenhahn, Arno Ehresmann, and Andreas Hans
16:00 A 9.11 The influence of nitrogen on interatomic processes in argon clusters: quenching of radiative decay — •Catmarna Küstner-Wetekam, Philipp Schmidt, Christian Ozga, Arno Ehresmann, Uwe Hergenhahn, André Knie, and Andreas Hans
16:00 A 9.12 Simulation of wide-angle single-shot x-ray scattering via the propagation multislice method — •Paul Tuemmler, Björn Kruse, Christian Peltz, and Thomas Fennel
16:00 A 9.13 Investigation of Frenkel excitons located in the valence shell of homogeneous and heterogeneous noble gas clusters — •Xaver Holzapfel, Andreas Hans, Gregor Hartmann, Christian Ozga, Philipp Schmidt, Arno Ehresmann, and André Knie
16:00 A 9.14 Time-resolved rescattering of slow photoelectrons by single-cycle terahertz radiationMartin Ranke, Sophie Walther, Anastasios Dimitriou, Markus Pfau, •Mark J. Prandolini, Thomas Gebert, Andrey Kazansky, Nikolay Kabachnik, Marek Wieland, Markus Drescher, and Ulrike Frühling
16:00 A 9.15 Influence of prepulses on pair production in strong oscillating electric fields — •Oliver Mathiak, Selym Villalba-Chavez, and Carsten Müller
16:00 A 9.16 Numerical simulations of high-order harmonic generation: from atomic to extended systems — •Chuan Yu, Ulf Saalmann, and Jan-Michael Rost
16:00 A 9.17 Controlling non-adiabatic ionization with ultra-short pulses — •Sajjad Azizi, Ulf Saalmann, and Jan-Michael Rost
16:00 A 9.18 Fast Nonequilibrium Green functions calculations for atomic systems — •Maximilian Rodriguez Rasmussen, Niclas Schlünzen, Jan-Philip Joost, and Michael Bonitz
16:00 A 9.19 Phase-of-the-phase spectroscopy as a tool to calibrate a laser — •Felix Trepkau, Vasily Tulsky, and Dieter Bauer
16:00 A 9.20 Strong-field ionization driven by spatially structured laser fields — •Birger Böning, Willi Paufler, and Stephan Fritzsche
16:00 A 9.21 Measuring the Zak phase of the SSH chain by HHG — •Daniel Moos, Christoph Jürß, and Dieter Bauer
16:00 A 9.22 ATAS of neon with tunable few-cycle SWIR pulses — •Patrick Rupprecht, Lennart Aufleger, Alexander Magunia, Thomas Ding, Marc Rebholz, Stefano Amberg, Nikola Mollov, Felix Henrich, Christian Ott, and Thomas Pfeifer
16:00 A 9.23 The laser-driven Kitaev chain — •Alexander Luther and Dieter Bauer
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