Erlangen 2022 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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PV: Plenarvorträge

Mo, 08:30–09:15 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV I: Imaging the quantum world in real space — •Tilman Pfau
Mo, 09:15–10:00 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV II: Introducing the All-Optical Attoclock — •Uwe Morgner
Mo, 10:30–11:00 Audimax Preisträgervortrag: PV III: High resolution laser mass spectrometry in isotope physics applications - balancing selectivity against sensitivity and vice versa — •Klaus Wendt
Di, 08:30–09:15 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV IV: Reduce, Reuse, ’Restore’. GHG Emissions from the Viewpoint of a Rock Physicist — •Frank R. Schilling
Di, 09:15–10:00 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV V: Chirality differentiation and manipulation using tailored microwave fields — •Melanie Schnell
Mi, 08:30–09:15 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV VI: Topology meets strong-field physics — •Dieter Bauer
Mi, 09:15–10:00 Audimax PV VII: The contribution has been withdrawn.
Mi, 19:00–19:30 Audimax Preisträgervortrag: PV VIII: Amazing light that brightens our research — •Jun Ye
Do, 08:30–09:15 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV IX: Time-resolved coherent spectroscopy of dilute samples — •Frank Stienkemeier
Do, 09:15–10:00 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV X: Secure Communications using Quantum Continuous Variables. — •Philippe Grangier
Do, 19:00–20:00 MVL PV XI: Der Beitrag wurde abgesagt.
Fr, 08:30–09:15 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV XII: Photonic graphene and beyond - topological features of optically created artificial matter — •Cornelia Denz and Haissam Hanafi
Fr, 09:15–10:00 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV XIII: The KATRIN experiment: latest results and future perspectives — •Susanne Mertens
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